Upflix - Netflix Updates

Upflix - Netflix Updates

Surfing movies and series on Netflix like a BOSS.

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  • Updated: July 27, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



If you are a Netflix user, Upflix is just perfect for you!

Netflix has a fantastic and huge catalog with, amazing movies and series, and it is easy get lost in so many possibilities when choosing what to watch. But Upflix has a solution that will blow your mind and help surf on Netflix like a boss.

Upflix is a versatile tool to help Netflix users sending, directly to your Android device, in real time, all the new movies, series, episodes and documentaries arriving on the service. You will get fast access to everything that is new on Netflix catalog.

The Roulette Mode helps you choose movies and series on Netflix when you don't know what to watch. Just create your filters based on Netflix categories, Netflix, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes scores and Upflix will suggest something of your liking.

If you're a fan of a particular actor or director, Upflix offers a great way to search through Netflix vast actors base and will allow you to find all of their movies.

Get updates via notifications and share your favourite Netflix movies with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email and SMS.

Note: Upflix is not associated or affiliated with Netflix, Inc. Upflix is not part of Netflix , Inc. or have any connection with them whatsoever, nor power over what goes in or out of their catalog.


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  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Published date: December 18, 2017

    EDIT: I'm happy that we can see now which movies and shows will be removed. Just paid 1 euro to remove the ads, well worth it. But i do have to say, i had no idea i could remove the ads before i saw it by accident. The ads on the free version are annoying but easy to skip. I mostly decided to pay the one euro because the app looks cleaner and better without ads and i use the app regularly. Was also the only app with ads I used. Thank you for the great app. If i have one minor complaint it's that the app layout is a bit aged and needs a dark mode. Maybe copy some of netflix's design. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Nivek Xie Published date: August 4, 2017

    2 Aug 2017--- Still a great app, but an update is needed. After Netflix recently updated theirs, Upflix will give an error when a movie title is selected, asking to email developers for the past few days. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    jennifer kar Published date: December 16, 2017

    I LOVE this app! There are several reasons why. One is that it keeps you updated on new content AND expiring content. It links to your Netflix account so you can edit your watch list immediately. Another is the roulette is fun to use. But my favorite reason is that you see ALL catalog content - not just the content Netflix has tailored for your country as you can easily change the country in the settings! There are ways to hack a Netflix account to accomplish the same thing but this app is far easier to use. Great for lovers of foreign films but indispensable for amazing action/thriller/horror! The best films in these genres are not usually English language as evidenced by inferior American remakes of J-horror, for example (Ringu, Ju-on, etc). I downloaded the app without really knowing why I needed it - basically I was curious as to why it had such a high rating! Now I know! If you love Netflix you NEED this app! Highly recommended. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Freddy Fazbear Published date: August 5, 2017

    Great app on it everyday. Keeps u upto date about what's coming and going on Netflix. Never had any problems with ads or pop ups Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Alex Ian Published date: January 13, 2018

    Was good. Errors on show detail screen and send error report bombs Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Frank Symons Published date: July 28, 2017

    Ads are too obtrusive, even before opening the app you have to watch a commercial you can't immediately cancel. Uninstalling. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Matthew Painter Published date: August 3, 2017

    Stupid ads at opening screen force glitches so cant view info the app is intended for. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Michael Cole Published date: September 15, 2017

    Love this app.. Shows me whenever Netflix adds new stuff daily! Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Jorge Carrasco Published date: August 17, 2017

    Good app... Keeps you current with what's added and removed from Netflix Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Viggo Holger-Jensen Published date: December 28, 2017

    Good. A TV-night doesn't start without it. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Sean Stephenson Published date: September 19, 2017

    Good if you don't mind the ads Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Kirsi V. Published date: September 22, 2017

    Ihan jees. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Blake Mavin Published date: December 29, 2017

    Does exactly what I want it to do. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    rosetta Edwards Published date: January 27, 2018

    It the best i love it Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    C. B. Dart Published date: September 13, 2017

    Let's me know what's new on Netflix. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Althea Gray Published date: February 11, 2018

    Love the notifications on new additions Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Dave Noscio Published date: August 1, 2017

    Great app Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Published date: February 11, 2018

    Perfect but would love more ways to sort and filter such as not showing 80s or 90s movies unless I want to. Sometimes I only want 2010s stuff and 2000s stuff other times I'm willing to see older. Thank you for a great app. I was really needing exactly this. Netflix is so hard to browse now and this is the only way I do it now!! U rock. Please reply if you find time about the feature request. Appreciated. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Bowden - Published date: July 24, 2017

    Great app. Makes life a lot easier in finding out what's new and what's going on Netflix. The IMSB and RT ratings are a great tough too. Would be 5 stars if the app were more personalised and I could add things directly to my Netflix Watchlist via the app, other than recommended. Pay the fee to get rid of the annoying ads. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Leonidas Marinos Published date: September 1, 2017

    Best out there for this kind of app. It is easier to search and filter films on this app than netflix. And the 3 review venues are better than netflix's recommendations. The adds are ok in the free version. Not too overwhelming, maybe every 10 or so. But that's how free apps fund their costs. Didn't bother me. Would be great to link to netflix accounts. But I understand netflix doesn't allow code for that. 5 stars. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    In Flynn Published date: June 26, 2017

    It's great someone has linked Netflix titles with scoring sites. However, what would make this app even BETTER if you could link your own Netflix account and it could query your history and make its own recommendations, Netflix algorithms sux. Also allowing you to hide titles you would have no intention of ever watching. This all makes up for the shortfall that Netflix can't do itself ! Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Adam Placker Published date: July 23, 2017

    Love it! The ads everyone complains about are annoying in every app but this one has a small fee to remove them and man is it worth it. Netflix doesn't show what's coming or going and this does. Not for everyone, but we cut the cable and ALL we use is Netflix and Amazon prime. So it's a necessity in our house! Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Michael R. Bernstein Published date: September 8, 2017

    The full-screen ads are annoying and intrusive, but so far they do go away when you dismiss them (no fake buttons). The layout could be tightened up to reduce scrolling on the detail page. But. It is free, and it is useful. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Stuart Coe Published date: December 10, 2017

    Ads are ridiculously invasive. Finally uninstalled for the second (and last time) today when, on opening the app, was met with irritatingly loud burst of music over a full screen ad and the usual tiny button to close it. Shall simply search Google from now on if I particularly want to know what's new on Netflix! Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Michal Okrajek Published date: January 29, 2018

    I would give it -5 stars if I could. 4 ads before I could even choose a country, not to mention a pop-up to rate this app. So hers it is, you can shove it up your back side, you greedy a-holes. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Published date: January 25, 2018

    Love that it tells you what movies are leaving Netflix and when. BUT lately the expiring tab doesn't show what movies are leaving until there is only a day or two until it leaves m. An example of this is the movie " man from Uncle" leaves Feb 1 but it isn't listed. I found out by clicking on the movie on Netflix. Almot missed it. Same as the what's new tab only lists a few new movies. I find app just watch lists lots more. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Ian Hurst Published date: November 21, 2017

    Pretty good app, the ads are not too bothersome, you can mute sound and skip after 5 seconds or so. Search is ok let down only by Netflix categories which are limited. Not upflixs fault. I use the app a lot to find a film to watch. Shame Netflix has such a poor offering. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Cameron Marchmonte Published date: February 15, 2018

    The app is kind of worthless. You can use google to find the same lists of new and soon to be retired titles. You can click the title you want and will redirect you to Netflix, but only titles which are available in your region. This makes selecting another country worthless. There are people who know how to hack Netflix. Find one of them and you'll be happier. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Amine Zoug Published date: November 21, 2017

    Thank for this app! I d like to report that, for Belgium, there are inconsistencies between what the app says is available and what is indeed available on netflix. We would also have appreciated that the sorting of movies per review score on rotten tomatoes and/or genre worked properly. This app is very useful thanks. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Richard Archer Published date: September 3, 2017

    First launch and, without warning, before the app even launches, it blasts out a loud, obstructive advert. I'm not anti-adverts, but that's just the wrong way to handle them. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Frank Dimichele Published date: June 23, 2017

    It is worth installing upflix. Very good show description along with imdb rating. Difficult for me to add shows to my Netflix watch list. Would like to see ability to select shows and export to cloud. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Rob Bl Published date: June 27, 2017

    This fantastic developer has found a way around Netflix yanking its API and forcing all other 3rd party apps to shut down. Superb UI, great source of new and expiring Netflix titles. Fast, easy & feature-rich without being heavy. Love it & use it daily! Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Richard Hiebert Published date: December 6, 2017

    Was a great app, and sort of still is. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that it doesn't show everything that's new, just some of the titles. An example is that Power Rangers came out today on Netflix and isn't listed in Upflix. I would submit a help ticket but one star reviews seem to get a better response. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    John Walker Published date: February 18, 2018

    Needs more useable filtering, such as checkboxes or booleans. For example, I may be interested in dramas and documentaries, but not if they're from international sources. At it is, I'm discouraged from browsing with this app because I'm seeing far too much that disinterests me. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Ben Odynski Published date: August 27, 2017

    Great idea, poor delivery. Its selling feature is 3rd party ratings, but terrible sorting functions makes it pretty useless. Can't sort anything at all. And even filter by genre is broken -- it has no bearing on genres shown. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    rudy Florian Published date: February 18, 2018

    I like being able to see all Netflix content. It did happen that a movie wasn't available in this country though. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Jason Brown Published date: February 21, 2018

    Love it. Bought it shortly after downloading for 99 cents to remove ads. I like that it puts a link to the Netflix page which opens in the Netflix app so I can add the movie to my list, and I like that it has the link to rotten tomatoes. Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    addy pearson Published date: February 12, 2018

    Used to love it and use it everyday, now out of the blue, it just doesn't work anymore. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Still nothing. Shows me an ad then just won't stop loading. :( Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Mark Joy Published date: June 14, 2017

    They could put better movies not documentaries. Some good action movies that have English audio not subtitled, damn that's annoying. I want to watch a movie! If I want to read, I would read a damn book! Full Review

  • Upflix - Netflix Updates
    Anthony Brotherton Published date: August 24, 2017

    It's nice to know what new for Netflix. I like it and I don't have to look for what new so yeah it helpful.. Full Review