The Lost City

The Lost City

A gorgeous new puzzle/adventure game from Fire Maple Games!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.9.3
  • Updated: August 7, 2016
  • Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000



Grandma was right.

Nobody really believed her. Not even you, her favorite grandchild.

But she was right. And more so than you could ever imagine.

The city before you, deep in the mist shrouded forest, can't be found on any map. It shouldn't even exist. Though it's been asleep for a long time, you feel a mysterious power begin to awaken from the ruins around you.

Legend has it the civilization that built this place could somehow control the seasons. But nobody listens to legends.

Nobody except Grandma.

And she was right.

You look again at the artifact she gave you. Close to this lost city, it almost seems alive in your hand.

The city does exist. It's real.

Could the secret magic, powerful enough to change the seasons, be real too?

• Inspired by classic point and click adventure games!
• Beautiful graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure!
• Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve!
• Original soundtrack and sound effects!
• A journal that keeps track of all the symbols and clues that you encounter.
• A dynamic map that shows all of the areas you have explored, as well as your current location.
• A complete hint guide and walkthrough built right into the game.
• The Lost City has been translated into several languages - with more coming soon!


9,154 total
5 5,935 
4 1,872 
3 614 
2 307 
1 426 

  • The Lost City
    rehan abdul-halim Published date: January 7, 2017

    The Lost City Awesome Mystery game! I have all Fire Maples Mystery games. They are amazing. There are Hidden World, Grisly Manor, but I have not got Return to Grisly Manor. It is new. The Lost City requires good thinking for your brain and to help you if you are stuck you have hints and a map. You have a journal to jot down your information. It is really suspicious and worth the money. It is like the gane Cluedo or Clue.Brilliant places to go to. Everyone get the game. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Johnnie Weddell Published date: May 27, 2017

    This game had good points and bad points. The puzzles were nice and the graphics were lovely. I am not a fan of the journal because I prefer exercising my memory in puzzle games. I am also not a fan of traveling back and forth for puzzles that could be more linear. A fast travel icon would have been better. The game is short and 75 % of my time was spent wandering about. It was annoying. If I have to give my honest opinion to others I would say that it was worth it for me. I liked it overall. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Published date: June 8, 2017

    I am fan of puzzle games, and this game has gone above and beyond my expectations. Besides the object interactions and puzzles being entertaining, the graphics are stunning, and very gorgeous. The soundtrack, too, is above par. The music and storyline compliment each other, and add to the beauty of the landscapes and different seasons, and to the game as a whole. It is also easy to move from scene to scene. I wish the there were more games by Fire Maple! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Arya Melanson Published date: May 28, 2017

    Ok so i wasnt able to scroll through my inventory because the home button covered it....i thought it was just me but it appears to not be the case. I have read many reviews with the same complaint from more then a year ago and it is still not fixed...why??? You guys need to take this stuff into account and fix things. I would like a refund please. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Published date: December 14, 2016

    The Lost City Disappointed. I could not access inventory when turning page HOME button over the top.Please fix and REPLY.Considering refund Thanks Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Danielle Graham Published date: February 4, 2017

    It would've been a great game if I could've gone through my inventory. Since I couldn't I wasn't able to play the game and therefore I gave a bad rating. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Debi Zeller Published date: April 30, 2017

    Purchased this morning and was looking forward to what seemed like a great game. However, once the inventory got filled and had to use the arrow to access items I couldn't because the "home" button was covering the arrow. Would like a refund since I can't go any further. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Patrick P Smyth Published date: January 16, 2018

    Indiana Jones would never have this amount of running around or if he had his heart would give up. It's a clever game I liked it but the winter summer thing is stupid as is all the running around. Headache stuff. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Lindi Pearson Published date: February 19, 2017

    I love this game and all others by this developer. Return to grisly manor is my favorite but this one is great too. Definitely worth every penny Full Review

  • The Lost City
    heather kiser Published date: May 12, 2017

    I can only keep a few things in my inventory it has no button to slide through the inventory. Very aggravating Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Published date: September 12, 2016

    Beauty on a Galaxy Tab 2 What a game! Just right. This old man loved it. Thanks to the makers of this game. Well worth the price and I will be playing your other games. Note to other players: Delete your cashe, clean your ram, and close other not needed apps before starting this or any other game. Your experience will be a lot better. Take it from a old man that use to write code. These guys work very hard to produce you a good game. Cheers, Robert Full Review

  • The Lost City
    David Russell Published date: January 7, 2018

    I though the game was very good. For some reason when my inventory had more than six items, I did not have blue arrows to see the other items. I had to play while not carrying too many items at any particular time, which made it even more challenging, but I was still able to finish.😊 Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Subestimado sin familia Roblés Published date: December 12, 2017

    Now all of a sudden i should grant access to my external momery card!!!!😠 this game does nothing more than point click. No real animations and interaction. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Drew Wesley Published date: November 24, 2017

    The Lost City is among the best of its genre (my personal favorite) because of its graphical beauty, immersive seasons, and delightful soundtrack. It's a cohesive piece of art with high replay value. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Tanner Ritchey Published date: July 9, 2017

    PLEASE - Make a "Return to The Lost City" the first one was very good. I loved everything about it. Especially music and graphics! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Audrey Christian Published date: March 26, 2017

    This game is awesome! I like it so much, I reinstall and play it again from time to time. Great job. Love it! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Franck Jaït Published date: October 17, 2016

    Beautiful Not as good as Return to Grisly Manor, still graphics are beautiful and puzzle are reasonably challenging. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Tabitha Moore Published date: July 26, 2017

    This is the best game is played since MY ST I loved every moment and all the graphics were fantastic Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Such1 Doge9fan Published date: March 11, 2017

    The best game yet! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Marilyn Fauguel Published date: December 28, 2017

    Brilliant game, fantastic graphics. A magical adventure. Need more of these type of games. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    A Google User Published date: October 22, 2016

    Great game I've bought all three games from this company and I will be telling everyone Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Matt Hillman Published date: April 15, 2017

    I played it on my mom's tablet Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Lee Coombes Published date: January 23, 2018

    Really great game. Think about buying the collection as cheaper and well worth it Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Becca Burr Published date: June 14, 2017

    Loved this game! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Cara Terbrack Published date: December 18, 2016

    Its really relaxing and has lots of strategies and the music is grait Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Annah Laratonda Published date: August 30, 2016

    Annah Love this game ,use your imagination Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Debra Shaffer Published date: February 14, 2017

    Great game to get a feel for how this type of game works. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Chistine Rayford Published date: July 5, 2017

    This game is awesome and challenging thank you Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Lily Bird Published date: August 13, 2016

    It but Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Jinx Persinger Published date: March 17, 2017

    Loved this game Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Shrirang Gore Published date: August 17, 2017

    One of the best games ever Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Jesse Vera Published date: January 14, 2017

    Lost city Awesome!!!! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    emma Rawlings Published date: January 8, 2017

    Loved it! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Eugenia Loffredo Published date: February 26, 2017

    FANTASTIC! Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Wyatt Waters Published date: September 3, 2017

    Amazing game Full Review

  • The Lost City
    DICR Studios Published date: March 7, 2017

    Awesome Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Published date: March 19, 2017

    Gr8 Full Review

  • The Lost City
    Anna McKay Published date: August 2, 2016

    Sneaky app Since the latest update this app runs in the background using 5% of the battery. Not impressed and thinking of uninstalling. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    DusknoirTheGreat 024 Published date: August 5, 2016

    I used to play this game a whole lot awhile ago, and never got old to me. Full Review

  • The Lost City
    denise l Published date: August 3, 2016

    Wonderful! This is a great family game. Nothing scary, which is nice. Excellent and beautiful graphics. Nice puzzles to make you think but not impossibly hard. Nice length. Full Review