Solar Eclipse Timer

Solar Eclipse Timer

Solar Eclipse Timer, the only "talking" timer for the August 21, 2017 eclipse!

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  • Current Version: 1.16
  • Updated: August 16, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Installs: 50,000 - 100,000



Performed GREAT all across the country for the 2017 USA Eclipse! Presently being updated for the 2019 Eclipse in Chile!

ONLY Useful If You Are Going To The PATH Of TOTALITY! Solar Eclipse Timer is your smart phone guide for a total solar eclipse. It's like having your own personal astronomer help you on Eclipse Day! It is simple to use and has many unique features! Just get into the path of totality for the solar eclipse, and then with just 2 taps on your device, the app is ready to "talk" you through the eclipse. (Note: It's NOT useful in an area with only a partial eclipse. It's for people getting to the path of totality)

I have observed 3 previous total solar eclipses overseas and I am doing public out reach for the 2017 US total solar eclipse. Being based on my personal experience with eclipse observing and photography, I know exactly what is helpful when observing a total solar eclipse.

Created for first-time eclipse observers as well as veteran eclipse chasers, it is released in time to prepare everyone for the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many people and Solar Eclipse Timer is an inexpensive tool to ensure that you don't miss a second of this wonderful event!

GPS location functions automatically find your location, then the app calculates your contact times and max eclipse. With one tap it loads the 4 eclipse contact times into the timers. This function does not require an internet connection, the formula is located in the app itself!

These are all the unique features in this app:
Voice countdowns guide you precisely to the contact times. Announcements are made at the proper times to tell you to observe for interesting things during the partial phases, such as the temperature drop, lighting changes, animal behavior and shadow bands. The app also tells you when it is safe to take your solar glasses off and then when you must put them back on. To practice your plan for photography, the app has a demo session that plays a totality movie synchronized with the timers. The app includes a unique calculator that lists the times you use to take a sequence of partial phase images that creates a beautiful sequence of the phases just like the professional photographers! Although not a mapping program, included are internet hyperlinks to interactive maps of the eclipse path to help guide you to totality.
The app includes an extensive help file detailing the use of all of its unique features as well as eclipse day checklists and educational information about the partial phase phenomena.

No App Ads. No In-App Purchases. You Get It All!

Automatic "Wake From Screen Lock" Notifications For Eclipse Events
Automatic GPS Geo-location
Automatic Contact Time Calculation
Automatic Totality Duration Countdown Timer
Automatic Contact Time Loading Into The Timers
Automatic Conversion To Your Local Time Zone (from UTC)
Partial Phase Phenomena Observation Reminders
Precise Countdowns To The Contact Times
Max Eclipse Alert
Horizon Observation Reminder
Announcements For Solar Glasses Off And Solar Glasses On
Compressed Eclipse Demo Program For Device Testing
Totality Photography Practice Demo Program With Totality Video
Partial Phase Image Sequence Calculator
Path Of Totality Hyperlinks
Eclipse Data File Saving Ability
Extensive Help File


We are NOT liable for misuse of the app causing inaccurate timing or the lack of eye safety precautions during the observation of a solar eclipse.

The "glasses off" and "glasses on" statements are a guide based on the calculated contact times. The timing can be affected by your phone's clock and the shape of the shadow. You are responsible the timing. Glasses should be ON if it's bright!


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  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Laura Weldon Published date: August 21, 2017

    No, this app isn't as slick as a lot of modern apps are, but it made our eclipse experience SO much better than it would have been without it. It literally talked us through each segment of the eclipse. It was great to have the audible cues so we could focus on observing the various eclipse events instead of looking at an app or other reference material. Thanks so much for making this available to the public! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Karen Rogers Published date: August 21, 2017

    Genius! Talks (yes, really talks) you through the entire eclipse based on your local coordinates. Suggests times to take equally spaced photos. Tells you when to wear and remove glasses and when to look for shadow bands (snakes). Oh - and let's you do practice runs so you're fully prepared. Thanks to YouTube channel "Smarter Every Day" for recommending this app. Worth every penny. Addendum: We used the app today, (8/21/17) and really enjoyed it. The audible cues and countdown were helpful and actually exciting. Can't wait to use it again in 2024. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    James Williams Published date: August 23, 2017

    This app did exactly what it advertised. My hat is off to the developer. I stumbled across this app while researching information on the eclipse, and it was interesting to discover that this app originally was designed and ran on a old PDA! On the day of the eclipse, the call outs were spot on...I did not need to adjust the app timer at all. All the times listed with the various pictures of the phases allowed me to capture photos of the progression. Again, this app delivered everything it promised....and more, because it became part of the total experience! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Ben Gilles Published date: August 22, 2017

    I thought this app was amazing. We used the times to really experience the event. I used this app with another app called "Sun Locator Lite" I mainly used the other app to get an AR view of the sun's path so I could set up my camera. If you could incorporate something like that into your app you will have an amazing eclipse app. One last thing I need to say TOTALITY! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Michael Crow Published date: August 23, 2017

    Wonderfully useful for an amateur astronomy buff. I downloaded the companion app as well if I needed Long/Lat conversion. I'd like to see that feature incorporated into next version of main program. The audible cues were accurate down to the second. My kids got ridiculously excited when an alarm chimed with new suggestion. We looked for Shadow Bands. Saw none. We did see the crescent shaped shadows on our shelter from dappled sunlight shining through a tree. I don't recall hearing a cue about that. I might've missed it. If it doesn't exist in the current build, maybe add it? Totally worth the $2. Looking forward to 2024 edition. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Stephanie Reynolds Published date: August 21, 2017

    Absolutely fantastic. This app made ALL the difference in knowing exactly when/how long we would experience totality. The timing was absurdly spot on. Absolutely perfect. Also told us when to check for shadow bands, which we would have otherwise missed under the assumption that they were supposed to have been visible at an earlier time. Love this app. Don't know what I would have done without it. 💖 Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Nicholas Marangi Published date: August 21, 2017

    I'd give it 1,000 stars if I could. I really wanted to thank you for making this amazing product! We happened to get stuck in an area with no cell service. The app told us everything we needed to know instantly. No need for guessing where we needed to be. All actuate down to the very second. We ended up avoiding nearly all traffic while still getting a great show. Priceless moment. Thanks! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Beth moscato Published date: August 22, 2017

    8/22 EDIT-...THANK YOU for this app. It helped my family be able to relax and enjoy the amazing eclipse. It.was.spectacular. -----(original review)I've been wandering around town looking for spots of total eclipse viewing.. pretty cool. And helpful! I homeschool, so we've used it a couple times in lessons. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Published date: August 21, 2017

    Perfect for the Eclipse today! The voice notifications were great, fantastic safety reminders, and everyone around me could hear it too. I hope it is still around in 2024 when the next eclipse rolls through the US. The only improvement I would suggest is maybe being able to click on the contact point for more info (such as it being the "diamond ring"). I never saw much in the Eclipse data page either... but I didn't spend much time there. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    David Leebrick Published date: August 24, 2017

    Performed perfectly for us near Columbia, SC. Prompts helped to keep me focused and ready for the next step. Even though I had practiced on both full moons and sun several times, I fumbled the transition from partial to total and missed catching Baily's beads. But I was able to recover a few seconds later and got just about everything I wanted to. Thanks to Foxwood for the most practical app I have on my Android phone! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Erik Duxstad Published date: August 21, 2017

    Just finished the 2017 eclipse on Aug. 21st using this app. Overall, this app was a pleasant experience, but there are a few things that prevented it from being a no brainer. First, the good things: The app was very helpful in keeping track of where you are in the totality band and how long totality would last. The talking cues where very helpful and kept one on track in the experience. However, the app really could do with a UI make over and possibly a more streamlined experience would help the app. Usability was fine, but there was definitely a lot of buttons to press! Another questionable aspect was the price. In its current state I am not sure if it is worth the two dollars. If you already know where and when the eclipse will be, than this app does not have alot to offer. Overall if you are traveling and need the info, I would recommend. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Carlos Labastida Published date: September 10, 2017

    Thank you for a very well made app. It made our eclipse experience so much better. Lots of people gathered around us and one of the memories of the eclipse was that of a little girl jumping excitedly when your app counted down from one minute. The little one thanked me after totality for letting her know when the total eclipse started. I pass on her thanks to you. 😀 Will be looking out for the 2024 version! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    John Carson Published date: August 22, 2017

    Destin@SED said this is the app to have, so this is the app I bought. update: 8/22/17: This app made the Eclipse so enjoyable. I found the perfect spot on top of a hill, surrounded by light-colored gravel inside the totality. We experienced everything! Totality, Shadow Bands, etc; as the app talked to us, it was all happening right on queue. This app is the single best thing I've purchased. Ever. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Jesse Tinajero Published date: August 21, 2017

    Great, worked for the eclipse. Told us when to look around for phenomenon. I did notice it was a little late to say when the shadow bands showed up and when temperature dropped, but it was very useful. Thank you so much for helping me have the best experience with the solar eclipse! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Robert Hoots Published date: August 21, 2017

    If you're NOT in the path of totality, skip this one. I was hoping to still be able to get first & last contact times as well as the peak partial eclipse time, but no luck. The app at least tells me first and last contact times, but I have to enter them into the timer manually. The peak time field is locked so I can't enter the most important time into the timer and it won't calculate it based on the other manually entered values. This app is a great idea, and I appreciate the amount of work that went into making it work, but maybe consider the hundreds of thousands of people who won't quite be in the ideal locations before the 2024 update. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    A Published date: August 24, 2017

    Such a fantastic app! This is one of the only apps I have ever paid for and it was well worth it. GPS coordinates synched up perfectly and the timing was spot on! It was nice to be able to run the practice the day before so I could get the timing right on switching out the lens on my camera. I also really enjoyed the on screen showing of a prior eclipse to know what I was looking out for. The developer obviously really cares about this app and has fantastic information. My only wish is that more of the events were called out, rather than just saying to open the app. I was very appreciative of the reminder to take off/put on eye protection. 2 minutes when by way too fast, I surely wouldn't have been prepared without it. Anyone planning to view a total eclipse would benefit greatly from this app! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    David Swayze Published date: October 15, 2017

    This was such a useful app. We had intended to go to Nebraska to see the eclipse but at the last minute chose to head to Wyoming. This app let me know when I was in the path of totality and we had the perfect eclipse experience in Lusk, WY as a result. Hats off to the developer for a fantastic app. I hope you continue to update it for future eclipses. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    jenn dorothy Published date: August 21, 2017

    I finally decided to buy this app after 2 days of arguing with myself over it. It probably would have been an awesome tool, had it not started pouring down rain 6 minutes before 1st contact and every minute after. :( it is more thought out than my plan to purchase and use it. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    BrazBlue Published date: August 21, 2017

    Thank you, this tool gave me an amazing experience. Hope to use it during the 2024 eclipse as well. App it built well. Sad people didn't take the time to calculate their contact times to make the app work for them. The app does all the work for you, you just have to actually do the preparation part of it. Expecting one click to make it work, it wasn't built to work in just one specific spot. Sorry you got to tell it where you are first. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    kellyrenee77 Published date: August 22, 2017

    5000 stars. Made sure we kept our eyes safe without looking away a second early. Reminded us to look around at the other things, like temperature. Excellent! Thank you for this design and thank you to forgotten person who interviewed you and alerted me of its existence. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Jennifer McKinney Published date: August 27, 2017

    Amazing! I can see why people travel the world chasing Total eclipses! Being able to observe the many phenomena (awesome shadow bands, Bailey's beads and diamond rings... didn't know about crescent shadows from the app... my only suggestion) around the total eclipse, as well as GORGEOUS totality, because of THIS app was incredible. Thank you for making it possible for me and my family! (And thank you to Smarter Every Day who made us aware of your app and inspired us to watch the eclipse!) Can't wait for 2024. Absolutely worth getting to the path of totality...can't believe we lived in it for this one - I might not have made a big deal out of it and thought 99% of totality was close enough... Nope. This app makes the experience calm and easy and beautiful!! Thank you! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Matt Rich Published date: September 2, 2017

    This app was perfect and in the medium sized crowd I was in we would hear the echo of this app from random phones around! I started recording video near totality with my phone but still got notifications on my smartwatch. I hate to uninstall, but it's not like I'll need it for a long time. This app helped prepare for experiencing and photographing the eclipse like no other. Could you make a lunar eclipse app too? Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Rob Stroud Published date: August 23, 2017

    Fantastic app! Thank you for sharing your experience with solar eclipses and for creating this app. I was in a large parking lot, and I could hear your count down timer from other users! It really helped our group, so I know it must have helped others. Thank you again! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Davlynn Gundolff Published date: August 26, 2017

    We had so much fun using this app! Like everyone else, we found the audio cues to be amazing, but the partial phase image times kept us from getting bored in the hour and a half leading up to totality. We were constantly counting down for our group photographer based on that schedule provided. None of us will ever be able to remember this eclipse without thinking "glasses off!" or "glasses on." I wish every app were this functional and flawless and only regret I'll be unlikely to have an opportunity to use it again. Thank you so much for making experience so special! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Brandi Besecker Published date: August 23, 2017

    This was one of the most useful tools on eclipse day! Accurate as all get out, and the simple alert calls were great for the crowd around me to stay informed as well. Fingers crossed you'll push out updates for future eclipses. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Nicole Anderson Published date: August 21, 2017

    I so wanted to give this app 5 stars, but I can't. It was great for checking to make sure we were in the path of totality and checking the times. Despite the fact that the audio would sometimes double up, I was ok with that. But it all fell apart at the most important time. Countdown to full totality, great! But then that was it, no further sound, no warning for when to put our glasses back on, during those precious 2 min of totality I'm looking at my phone trying to figure out why the app wasn't telling us what to do anymore, which defeated the entire purpose. Not to mention we didn't put our glasses back on quite in time. Disappointed. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Deb Gunther Published date: September 12, 2017

    It worked fine during a trial run the day before eclipse. On eclipse day there was no audio. Author now says you can't use your cellphone to take pictures during the 3 hours of the eclipse, that will disable the audio. If I had known that I wouldn't have wasted so much of eclipse day fiddling with this program. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    me Published date: August 22, 2017

    This app was great for the eclipse. Glad I saw it on SED. The countdowns and loud horns really punctuated totality nicely and the prompts helped us remember to look for things. The only problem I see with the app is the lack of volume control. I manually went into my settings to make sure the media volume was maxed, but unplugging the speaker lowered the volume again. Isn't there's a setting devs can use to make the rocker control the media volume the entire time the app is open? At least having that behavior as an option would be great in case you need to quickly turn it up. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Craig Bidstrup Published date: August 21, 2017

    I am currently standing in the path of totality and using GPS to get my current location (which gets the correct latitude and longitude). This darn app says the duration of totality is 0. I want my money back. Edit: I found the hidden button that makes things work. -1 start for the bad UI Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Jered Pasay Published date: August 21, 2017

    Didnt work at all. I had it open during the eclypse with the sound on and nothing. The directions didn't really relate to the interface. No countdown timers showed up. And whats with the adjust buttons for the contacts. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Taylor Yarick Published date: August 28, 2017

    It was a wonderful app and it helped us decide on a place for viewing. All we had to do was keep driving into the totality path until the app said we had about 2 minutes of totality. It was. The timer was very accurate too. The margin of error was just a couple of seconds Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Janalyn Potts Published date: September 6, 2017

    I was in the path of totality and this Eclipse timer was amazing. It was right on with the times of when everything would happen and it helped us know what was happening and when to take our glasses off and put them back on. Thank you so much to the developers for making an awesome app to make the eclipse viewing even better. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Grant Larsen Published date: August 23, 2017

    Its display shows many many digits of precision in long/lat, which in the absence of other input on the subject suggests that the location is that precise. In fact, my phone's GPS turned out to be sufficiently imprecise to make the app worthless -- times would change by minutes without me moving. A warning about that and/or uncertainty estimates in the location readout would be advisable. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Bryan Lynch Published date: August 21, 2017

    PERFECT! Watched the 8/21/17 eclipse today right in the center of the path of totallity in Turner, OR. 2:01 totality! I thought the voice prompts would be dumb, but it just goes to show what I know. They were AWESOME! We were all so excited to see the total eclipse with our eyes that we weren't able to really fidget with our phones. The voice prompts calling out "glasses on" and "glasses off" were a great reminder to us while our jaws were hanging open. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Published date: September 24, 2017

    I loved this app, it enabled me to enjoy the eclipse to the fullest. Thank you very much! Question: will the app be updated for other eclipses like the 2020 Chile/Argentina eclipse and the 2024 US eclipse? I hope to use it for those as well! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Jake Nixon Published date: August 24, 2017

    This app made photographing the eclipse easy and seamless. I got to set it and forget it, and the voice alerts told me when to put my filter back on, preventing damage to my photography equipment and helping me alert the people I was with to phenomena that was happening. I can't wait to use this app the next time! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Elisha Biggs Published date: August 21, 2017

    While it was a Good idea, I was disappointed I checked and double checked all the settings and the voice would not work. We had to keep looking at the app and missed some crucial moments at the beginning _ Bailey beads and shadow snakes. Wish I had tried something else. Big waste of money for us. :( Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Brian Phipps Published date: August 21, 2017

    Worth more than the price! I bought this after recommendation from Destin at Smarter Every Day on YouTube. The most notable thing was the shift to C3. At the exact moment the countdown got to Zero, the totality ended. So precise, I was speechless. Great job to all involved. Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Kevin Shipley Published date: August 21, 2017

    Working great so far. Make sure to load gps location and read instructions if not working as expected Best money I have ever spent on an app. Worked perfectly. Awesome! Thank you so much! Full Review

  • Solar Eclipse Timer
    Katherine Taylor Published date: August 24, 2017

    This app was perfect for viewing the 2017 Eclipse. It audibly told us what to expect and when based on our gps location. We had a huge group and they could hear it on my phone and we joked that it 'was the voice if God". Full Review