Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO

Step outside and catch Pokémon in the real world! Collect & battle with others.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 0.79.3
  • Updated: October 17, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Google Play’s Halloween Campaign - Spooky updates you can’t resist

Join Trainers across the globe who are discovering Pokémon as they explore the world around them. The newest update to Pokémon GO, the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 750 million times and named “Best Mobile Game” by The Game Developers Choice Awards and “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch, introduced a revamped Gym gameplay experience, including the opportunity to join together with others to battle against powerful Pokémon in the new Raid Battle feature!

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon have been discovered!
Now’s your chance to discover and capture the Pokémon all around you—so get your shoes on, step outside, and explore the world. You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side.

Pokémon are out there, and you need to find them. As you walk around a neighborhood, your smartphone will vibrate when there’s a Pokémon nearby. Take aim and throw a Poké Ball… You’ll have to stay alert, or it might get away!

Search far and wide for Pokémon and items
Certain Pokémon appear near their native environment—look for Water-type Pokémon by lakes and oceans. Visit PokéStops and Gyms—found at interesting places like museums, art installations, historical markers, and monuments—to stock up on Poké Balls and helpful items.

Catching, hatching, evolving, and more
As you level up, you’ll be able to catch more-powerful Pokémon to complete your Pokédex. You can add to your collection by hatching Pokémon Eggs based on the distances you walk. Help your Pokémon evolve by catching many of the same kind. Choose a Buddy Pokémon to walk with and earn Candy that will help you make your Pokémon stronger.

Take on Gym battles and defend your Gym
As your Charmander evolves to Charmeleon and then Charizard, you can battle together to defeat a Gym and assign your Pokémon to defend it against all comers. You can also participate in Raid Battles at Gyms around the world. A Raid Battle is a cooperative gameplay experience that encourages you to work with up to 20 other Trainers to defeat an extremely powerful Pokémon known as the Raid Boss. If you succeed in defeating it in battle, you’ll have the chance to catch an extra powerful Pokémon of your own!

It’s time to get moving—your real-life adventures await!


- This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases. It is optimized for smartphones, not tablets.
- Compatible with Android devices that have 2GB RAM or more and have Android Version 4.4–7.0+ installed.
- Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
- Compatibility with tablet devices is not guaranteed.
- Application may not run on certain devices even if they have compatible OS versions installed.
- It is recommended to play while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
- Compatibility information may be changed at any time.
- Please visit www.PokemonGO.com for additional compatibility information.
- Information current as of July 1, 2017.


9,624,040 total
5 6,085,413 
4 1,156,894 
3 716,349 
2 365,495 
1 1,299,889 

  • Pokémon GO
    XxGift 37xX Published date: October 22, 2017

    I love this game. Me and! Husband play it all the time. We go to raids and battle gyms. We have Alot of high cp pokemon and enjoy the fun the app brings. It's gets us out of the house and having fun. There's only a few things I wish would be different. The battling. I want to be able to battle each pokemon I find in the wild before catching them like in the actual games. I would also like be able to battle other trainers not at gyms. The trading as well, I want to be able to trade pokemon. And I want to be able to play on my Samsung android Watch. If we could add these features it would make the game even better! Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Clare Wenlock Published date: October 18, 2017

    You've upped your security and changed your program to combat trackers and radars when the simplest thing to do would be to create your own! Even if it had a small price tag I'm sure people would still buy it if it was accurate and you could search for the pokemon missing from your Pokedex or the ones you need candies for. Or an alert when something you'd ticked spawned. Sightings are good but not specific. I'm sure it would be huge if you did your own and would keep gamers interested. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Tyler Burleson Published date: October 20, 2017

    When this game came out, I played it nonstop. I was stationed in Texas and it was fine minus the new game bugs. Now I'm stationed in Okinawa, Japan and it does not work on my base while it worked perfectly fine on my previous one. I now have to go to certain places on the island to actually play the game. If possible can we give easier access to us overseas troops? On my previous base, there were several monuments that were turned into gyms and the like so it's doable. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Tirthankar Das Published date: October 21, 2017

    I am in level 25 and have registered 237 pokemon in my pokedex. I have been playing the game since 10/01/2017.The legendary beasts are awesome. I have caught RAIKOU and SUICUNE and ENTEI . Only a few requests to Niantic.... 1. Please make the legendary bird raids reappear in Pokemon Go . 2. Please make MEWTWO raids more widespread around the world. 3.Please release MEW, HO-OH and CELEBI raids , I am a great fan of HO-OH. THANKS TO NIANTIC FOR RELEASING GEN 3 IN POKEMON GO Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Kylan Rider Published date: October 22, 2017

    I wish it wasn't so hard to catch Pokemon in my neighborhood, there's never any around!!! I've been playing since the game started running in 2016 properly since the first few months Niantic couldn't allow so many people to play at once, and the games been so slow for me since I can't catch anything. I know this won't even make a difference but at least maybe someone can give me some advice to make the game more enjoyable. Thanks alot. Great game!!! Lots of potential! Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    John Published date: October 19, 2017

    It was good, then it got bad, now it's pretty good again. The best part about it is Niantic are actually making an effort now to make the game better. Regular events make it fun to keep playing. Some sore points that haven't been addressed since launch - trading Pokemon, and not being able to complete the Pokedex without literally flying around the world or cheating. But it's getting better. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Butter Lock Published date: October 23, 2017

    When booting up pokemon go is have to be on a wifi connection as it won't let me login with 4g. So I have to find wifi then once I've started up on wifi and walk away from wifi or turn off the wifi it woks on 4g. Unfortunately, if it crashes I have to find wifi and do that process again. Except that, it is a great game and I would recommend the game to any pokemon loving person or someone starting to get into pokemon as it is a free enjoyable game. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Dan Marcadet Published date: October 18, 2017

    By all means the game is great... When it works. Started playing again over the last week, in four days I've managed to get to level 16, connection to your server has been great especially over those first few days. Yesterday and today however my game will only work if I'm connected to my WiFi and instantly bugs out or loses connection to your servers the second I walk out the door. Didn't have any problems with this game until the rescent update. Please sort it out. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Cyrus Shade Published date: October 21, 2017

    This game is only really for people who live in heavily populated areas. If you live in an area of less than tens of thousands of people there's really no point to playing this game. You will not succeed in raids due a lack of participants, there are no longer rare Pokemon to find outside major cities, and for some reason whatever your so privileged to find is only getting harder to catch with each update. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Pandis Pandus Published date: October 17, 2017

    It's a great game, but really? Fix the servers. Me and my friend planned one day Pókemon GO, I had to watch him collecting all the stuffs. And no, there is nothing wrong with my network or phone. Every other apps works just fine... Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Amanda Burford Published date: October 22, 2017

    I played this game since the second week it was realeased and I spent a lot of money on it but it's not really worth it anymore and it hasn't been for a while.. Adding more pokemon or changing the gyms didnt really help the game. In fact there were many more issues, but honestly it stopped being fun after they downgraded the radar from the 3step program to it only showing you pokemon near pokestops. I used to play with a lot of people who also quit playing. I waited for the last 6 months to see if they would go back to the better radar system but it seems like it's not going to happen. It was fun while it lasted. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Yaseen Mustapha Published date: October 18, 2017

    The game has come very far and finally feels like it's out of beta. The gym rework and bug fixes make it much more enjoyable. Although the Pokécoins system doesn't seem thought out well, other than that, the release of Gen III and trading/battling friends is all that's needed to keep people playing. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Himan Panda Published date: October 18, 2017

    Want more improved and a joystick Pokémon game because it was caused for 3 accidents in India. ..want a joystick game soon we all...love Pokémon. ..😀 or give minimum 2 pokéstop in village area for playsers from those area dont had to go 80 km at city to get items and pokéboll and eggs... give pokéstop in every station and police station and a raid spot on the bank or high school ... Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Virginia Orr Published date: October 19, 2017

    Very addicting especially if you're a long-time Pokemon fan. The recent gym overhaul has made the game much more accessible to new or less hard-core players. The game gets buggy for a bit after updates but I haven't had any major issues in a long time. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    SuSan Stephanie Published date: October 22, 2017

    The item rate from pokestop has dropped so low, not only each pokestop only gave 2 instead of 3, my sixth day spin gave me only 4 items (FOUR!) yesterday. Unbelievable! It's fine if it happens to all trainers, but apparently NOT, only to some of us. Fix it please! Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Oliver Gaden Published date: October 22, 2017

    my username is Ogado21 im lvl 32 and have registered 241 pokémon in the pokedex. I play with my dad whose username is gadothegreat we love the game and play it nearley every day. One thing is that the game is laggy and glitchy please fix this problem. BEFORE DOWNLOADING MAKE SURE YOU CAN TAKE BEING KICKED OUT OF RAIDS AND BATTLES. Niantic should bring in trading so me my dad and freinds from school can trade along with freinds we make via pokémon GO. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Bradford Neu Published date: October 20, 2017

    They are adding unneeded features at this time without fixing issues in the app. With a broken tracking system, removing access for third party trackers is the most frustrating approach. Third party systems should be a sign that you have done something right that people want to make something else to enhance their experiences. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Sarah Nixon Published date: October 20, 2017

    The whole tracking system in the game has been removed by Niantic, with little communication as to what's going on. Without the step indicator, the game has become less of a hunt down Pokemon game and more of a wander around aimlessly and hope you find something game. You can't remove a key feature, offer little to no explanation as to why and expect players to be alright with it. I like the game but this is a huge game breaker and I am not going to give Pokemon Go a positive review it doesn't deserve. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Published date: October 20, 2017

    This game is a waste. I was locked out of my first account and now because of how the log in is set up I can't log back in to my second account on my new phone. After spending hundreds of dollars, this game obviously does not want any more of my money or my time. Don't waste your time. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    daniel morano Published date: October 17, 2017

    Fun to play. Things are getting better for this app. A note for improving would be , if Pikachu wasn't the only Pokemon who got something different like a hat, during special events. If you have time to kill and don't care about just throwing pokeballs at Pokemon, or gym battles, give it a try Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Arun Shukla Published date: October 21, 2017

    Since after halloween event i not getting any spooky pokemon. Everything in game is working fine only third generation pokemons are not appearing in my game. Me and my friends are playing at the same place he got 5 spooky pokemons from gen3 and i didnt get even single. It was not showing in nearby not on near pokestops. Dont know what problem it is. I got nothing fron 3rd gen seems like halloween update is not working on my id. Please help me Niantic. i love this game a lot. :( Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Caroline BooksInTheWild Published date: October 22, 2017

    It a fun game! But... It glitches a lot and disconnected a lot! And the raids are to hard cause not much people so you can't beat them. And the should be spawns and pokestops and gyms. And maybe,like draconius go, there could be a new building! Like a one that takes you to a new world with new pokemon maybe?!? Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Heather Smithson Published date: October 23, 2017

    When battling a gym, if someone else joins in, it kicks me right out with an error. Not sure why. It's unfair when I work to take it down, but can't finish due to people jumping in. I'd also like to report lots of app crashing and freezing since the last update. This happens most often when I click on my trainer icon. The app crashes upon loading the trainer screen. The "freezing when using potions" issue still persists. Not as bad, but still present. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Published date: October 19, 2017

    It's really fun when you start thr game abd try to figure everything out, but now it seems like there is nothing new to do. Catch pokemon and fight in gyms and raids... and that's pretty much it. I would be much more excited to play the game if there would be 1 on 1 fights, breeding and/or trading between players... but hey, with the halloween event coming up, I'm not gonna spit on the new pokemon! Itll give us something else to do while waiting for the otger features! Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    LeoTheeLiger Published date: October 23, 2017

    You a competitive pokemon player who enjoys battling? Don't get this game. You like doing things with friends and showing off? Don't get this game. You want a high effort game with pokemon in it so you can pretty much just look at the stylish 3d images?? This is the game for you. I got pokemon red when it was first released and after waiting months for this game I have a bad taste in my mouth for how much potiental they wasted on this game. I'm gonna Uninstall it promptly. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Adam Leist Published date: October 21, 2017

    Now a pay to win game. You have to spend money on raid passes so you have gold berries to defend gyms. Either drop the gym holding limit to 5 gyms or take away gold berries at gyms to balance the game. Or continue to always cut off 2/3rds of your players by keeping them out of gyms. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Jared Jones Published date: October 20, 2017

    I love this game, I've been playing since 7/6/16. Through all the glitches, hiccups and crashes, but today Im feeling really let down. As soon as gen 3 dropped I was excited as any one, but as everyone around me is catching. Nothing is popping up on my screen I've got the update the new load screen, my buddy walking is cut in half double candy and everything but no new pokemon even when i cam see them on my friends screen right next to me.... PLEASE look into this. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    kishore kumar Published date: October 19, 2017

    In starting,I can't catch any Pokemon and all the Pokemon is in one place and I cannot move it. So please fix it soon niantic company. So many errors in new update.So do it sooner.😥😖😍 Thanks.remove the captcha and so I cannot enter even though I put it correctly. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Michelle Tin Published date: October 17, 2017

    "#1 Top Grossing Adventure." This game is a nightmare for people with gambling problems. Too many garbage pokemon, especially garbage pokemon that are hard to catch. But the stupid concept of stardust makes you waste all your pokeballs on said GARBAGE pokemon and tricks you into spending money on more if you don't have the luxury of being able to walk around all day. Enjoy getting addicted to wasting your money. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Jenny Lane Published date: October 18, 2017

    Didn't wanna get into it when it first came out... And now I'm walking through town at 2am, weapon in one hand, phone in the other because I LITERALLY CANNOT STOP. D@MN YOU POKEMON GOOOO Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    chay sm Published date: October 16, 2017

    Beware, seems like they are violating our privacy to chk what apps we installed on our phone. App needs to be forced stop after exit. Kids and me share phones but they don't use poke genie unlike me but all of us got warning. Up yours, Niantic 😡 Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Stacey Rae Published date: October 20, 2017

    This update is pointless. Gen 3 has no business being out yet. You never updated anything for people in rural areas. We get totally shafted in terms of Pokemon. I have had the app since basically the start. I went on vacation LAST WEEK and saw a Voltorb FOR THE FIRST TIME. I am so fed up. It's BS. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Ashley Smejkal Published date: October 19, 2017

    Look I use a Mock GPS app to protect myself and my kids and now this stupid app is telling me I have to unistall the app in order to play pokemon go. I dont use the app to play pokemon go. So guess no need for me to keep my pokemon go account. Been using this mock app before i ever got pokemon go. Been fun, but im not risking safety for a damn game. Anybody want my go account? Its a level 30 message me X Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Alvin Tam Published date: October 22, 2017

    It had so much potential. No battle system outside of gym battles. Took away the third party map radar so it's walking around blindly until you find the pokemon ypu are looking for. Disappointed in how it came out Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Goodygirl Published date: October 21, 2017

    Everything in the game keeps getting dragged out. It's really frustrating only having access to 5 gen 3 pokemon and not all of them. There is only so much you can currently do in the game and the game will very quickly die down again until all of gen 3 releases. Please try to implement more into the game. It sucks waiting around for months with very little rewards Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Published date: October 21, 2017

    Too much lag, and for some reason a legendary pokemon runs away from me even though i have premier balls left. SUPER FRUSTRATING. Fix this glitch plz and not lag when catching a raid boss plz. And why do we have the limit of 50 Pokecoins per day. Why not more?? Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Josh Mueller Published date: October 16, 2017

    Gave it 5 "*" 's before. Now, Pokemon go deserves 1 "*" from my view. Too many Errors especially after a year of Avidly playing and giving Niantic a chance to fix them. #1 :"Network" & "Network Errors" Suck! I spend 30 mins reconnecting and attempting to with trying to figure out how to connect again...gets annoying! I am starting to loose interest in Pokemon Go. However, I believe in everything else. It's helped myself get out of isolation quite a bit and manage my depression better! Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    melissa fording Published date: October 22, 2017

    From when the game was first launched in 2016 up to now, I've given enough $$$ in a few hundred to this crappy "buy your FAT CHANCES" of a game. My friends have better luck than I do while they have spent far less $ than I have. Niantic, I have tried more than I should have to get better luck, and therefore it is final that I am THROUGH with your game. Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Ben Stoney Published date: October 20, 2017

    Played since day one now for the last few weeks I've been unable to due to the game unable to find gps. I have reported the issue and still no fix. I have the latest Samsung s8 so should be no reason for my device to be an issue. Maybe by leaving this review you might actually do something about it Full Review

  • Pokémon GO
    Sharpshooter0221 Published date: October 20, 2017

    I think the game is pretty good, pokémon has been my childhood and when i got my new phone i didnt hesitate to download it. But ive been having problems with the internet connection when i leave my house. Could you please get this fixed so i can have another good reason to leave my house? Full Review

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