Piano Tiles 2™

Piano Tiles 2™

The fastest ever! Challenge the 2nd anniversary version. Get benefits for free!

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  • Current Version: 0
  • Updated: August 6, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



The hit of the world loved by 900 millions of players, Piano Tiles 2™ is having its 2nd birthday! During these 2 years, Piano Tiles 2™ with its simplicity, thrill-seeking and challenge-taking features, is always in the top ranks. Come to take the challenge!

Game feature:
1. Simple graphics, easy to play and everybody gets playing the piano! 2. Breath-taking rhythm will challenge your handspeed limit!
3. Top challenge mode gives you thrill and risk!
4. Update of numerous songs, original, classic, bangs and all the style to satisfy different taste.
5. Share your record with your friends, and compare with world-wide players on the ranking list!
6. Sound of high quality makes you feel like in a concert.
7. Save your progress via Facebook account and share the progress in different devices.
8. More challenge, more bonus and a better self.

Gaming mode:
Don't tap the white tiles! Tap the black tiles according to the melody and don't miss any tile! Concentrate yourself and maximize your reaction!

Are you having problems? Send email to gpfeedbackpt2@gmail.com or contact us in game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.

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Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting all the amazing mobile game developers globally to achieve mutual success! we are looking forward to the great games! Contact us on: publishing_cmplay@cmcm.com

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4 627,084 
3 231,029 
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1 221,299 

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Megine Cervantes Published date: August 14, 2017

    This is still my favorite game it relaxes me when im mad or upset and slows my mind down when nothing else will.....I have come to like alot of music i had never liked before i started playing this game. I just need more compitition no one I play with comes anywhere close to beating my scores Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Published date: August 13, 2017

    i love it when i was going to log in my fb acc. i didnt have 10 diamonds... BUT I REACHED LEVEL 29 but im in level 30 now XD so yeahhh i hope they dont fix the glitch or something :P my highest score is 2425+ my fav song was but yeh my fav song was river flows :P it was my highest score... i cried when i needed to wait again coz i might lose the score... :P well i hope not.and i hope my classmate doesnt get jealous XD (well she didnt) :P she got surprised I LOVE THIS APP CHEETAH PLS REPLY LOVE ITTTT <3 Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    ThinkInfinity Published date: August 16, 2017

    I am still GoGoGamerEC, but I just changed my name, not the image. Anyway, here's what happened: I was playing your game one day, then I thought, hey, let's go download roblox! But my space was running out. I was like Aww man! 😣 So I deleted an app. Not enough space. About 15 more. Not enough space. I was like 😢 and 😠 so then I was like "I know!" Then I done a factory reset, so I reinstalled PT2, and guess what? I lost all my progress then I was like 😧. Reduced by 1 star. 16/08/17 Update: Well of course I lost all my data! It was a factory reset, lol. I was so stupid Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Christie Moses Published date: August 12, 2017

    Great game, been playing it for years now. Only problem is ever now and then it will freeze up and the entire screen blinks on and off. Can you get this glitch fixed as it is highly annoying to be getting far in a song only for you to have to close the game and start over. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Published date: August 21, 2017

    Good app to play when you have nothing to do and good to practice concentration and how fast your thumbs move. Don't forget to like my videos and subscribe to become apart of my fam and become a Jadster!#plugging everyday! Oh and did I mention me and my little sister Jayla will be going to do dares at Magic Mountain make sure to check that out it's gonna be hilarious and it's at savage level!! Peace and see you guys in my next video Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Leandri Hamman Published date: August 12, 2017

    I've been playing since December 2015 and LOVE this game!!! I have however noticed in the past week that it seems the game has a glitch on the bottom left side where it shows that you have tapped a tile that is not even there. I thought it might be a problem with my screen but played on two other devices as well and the same thing happened. Anyone else noticed this? Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Thaniel Israel Published date: August 6, 2017

    Love the game. Been playing since its release. Not much issues to talk about save for a notice that "Piano Tiles 2 has stopped" that kept appearing and a mix up between a music that I bought namely Canon-Adapted being replaced by Mazourka Brillante Op.191. Otherwise, great game. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Published date: August 8, 2017

    I really love this game. But after the last update I lost all my records. Now I'm back to level one and have to start again from little star. Iam really sad brcause I don't think I can do this all over again. Is there a way I can get back my game data??? Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Kratik Jain Published date: August 22, 2017

    This game is good but few requirements are needed in this game. The required things they are:- 1 When we are near the crown it must have to show the distance for how much it is far away 2 Their is a need of gift as daily gift Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    bomkargi Published date: August 22, 2017

    On Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F Everything is like 3 times faster than it should be. This is one of my favorite games, please fix it! :( You replied (thank you) and I reported the problem and sent a video about it too like 4 or more monts ago...You have not written back and the game hasn't changed either since then. Please guys! Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Published date: August 13, 2017

    The song, Csikos Post, is WAY TO HARD to pass!!! I hate EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME!!!! I especially hate the DOUBLE TILES. Pressing them at the same time is a challenge. IF YOU TAKE OUT THE DOUBLE TILES, I will give your game a 5-star rating. Till then, it's a big fat 1!!!! Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Published date: August 14, 2017

    This game sucks so bad! It's hard to pass overall, because the songs are so fast I miss the first tile. But the thing that really makes me mad it that it doesn't sense my taps, especially on the double tiles and the slider tiles, so when it goes up to a faster point and it doesn't sense my tap, I end up losing for something I can't control. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    JocelynMaria Thomas Published date: August 12, 2017

    This is the best game I've had since Minecraft. But there is just one thing that I hate about it: It takes up oo much battery and space. But other than that, I would play it all day long. It is challenging, but at the same time relaxing. All music lovers should try it out now! Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Liquidek Gaming Published date: August 20, 2017

    Severe lagging problems on LG X power. Please add an option to disable the dynamic background or particles because they may be the cause of the problem. It mostly lags on long tap tiles though so I am not sure. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Angela Louise Sunga Published date: August 11, 2017

    Happy anniverary Piano Tiles! This game became my favorite past time and I really enjoy playing it 😊 But as we celebrate another year, can you make a level with Liebesleid (Love's Sorrow) by Fritz Kreisler? I'm sure that it will be a great song to play in the game. Thank you very much and congratulations! Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Crystal Ward Published date: August 13, 2017

    My niece and my son love this game. We play it like bop it at our family events. Pass it around till you mess up or beat the high score, currently my brother holds the record on jingle bells lol. Love it Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    John Green Published date: August 16, 2017

    Played for 2years love it but know it won't let me play. I uninstalled logged in and got it to work for about 10min, the screen blinked and shut down. Again now i try to open it and just get black screen. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Elizabeth Gamer Published date: August 12, 2017

    Overall the game was great but I have one problem with it: IT KEPT CRASHING. The moment I finished a song, it would crash. Edit: That problem's resolved now, but a new problem has cropped up: it doesn't sense my taps! If it didn't do that I'd give this a full 5 stars, but my problem impacts the gameplay so much, I'm afraid I can only give this 3. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Arvind Tiwari Published date: August 9, 2017

    Great game. U enjoy and relax a lot, due to the soothing piano music. But guys, please make 'all of me' by John Legend, Alan Walker's 'Faded' etc also a part of the game. I'm sure we all will love the modern songs in piano tiles style Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Dv Poddar Published date: August 14, 2017

    Hmmmmmm,, l remembered last time 2 or 3 years back. I played this game and happy anvercery. Hm l loved this game and please make game little more esiyer. And make graphics better and the cost of songs must be more cheaper . Ok bye please reply , after all l am a 13 year boy. Whenever I play this game l fell relax and l go to Heven. Ho Ho And see make it better and it will be the best Ok!!!!!!!!!!. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Brooklyn Smith Published date: August 11, 2017

    This is amazing just with it had tweny one pilots and wings of fire theme songs but otherwise it is GREAT!!!!!! But does the new version have updated games I haven't checked thx so mutch. I play real piano and this is pretty close to a piano the sound is great and it is not to hard not to easy to play I love it!!!!!!!! And if you have never here of wing of fire look up on YouTube for wings of fire jade mountain prophecy song Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    MrMerchiodos Published date: August 17, 2017

    I freaking love this game. I have sync hours on end into this game. Its really the only game I play on my phone. One thing I would like to add though is when I'm playing i would like my phone notifications to be turned off because many times i get a message on Facebook and i lose because it distracts me, sometimes the message will just stay on screen and thats more annoying. They really need to fix that. Anyways this game is truly 5/5 Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Marta Krikščionaitytė Published date: August 21, 2017

    Earlier the app was working just fine, after later updates now all I can see is a black screen when I open it. I've wrote a letter to an email that is given here about the bugg and it's already a week with no answer. Dissapointed.. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Sandy de Vries Published date: August 14, 2017

    great game to kill some time or maybe clear your head. only 2 downsides: it's slathered in ads and i wish there was a way to search through different songs. if you haven't favourited a song good luck finding it back. either way this is by far my favourite mobile game. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Flaming Beancurd Published date: August 22, 2017

    It was a very nice game, whenever i play it, im feel so calm when it comes to relaxing songs, like my fave song- Simple Gift i think it was called :) 10/10.. Though, can we get likeee maybe 10 heart things per 1hr.. that would be great! Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Galia Kleiman Published date: August 6, 2017

    Problem with the anniversary version: The new orchestrated tracks get desynced from the piano over time (especially "simple gift" - the orchestra track gets faster than the correspinding tiles over time). The pause issue seems to have been fixed in the last patch, though, thank you. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Russell Banks Published date: August 8, 2017

    This app is good , New songs are being added all the time (They're added faster than I can get through them!). I've started to dislike Piano Tiles 2 since the update to bring V. I.P's in because it's not even a permanent thing. You have to pay monthly just to get no ads and more songs which I find too expensive. However, this game is good to just waste a few minutes if you're bored as there is still a lot of free songs. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Zee Lukusha Published date: August 19, 2017

    I like the game but it keeps getting glitchy when playing. Starts flashing and I have to come out of the game completely. Also Star Clock is impossible and every day it comes up in my challenge Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    ethan_ 88109 Published date: August 14, 2017

    Great game but on all the songs some of the tiles dont make the nois when I tap them. Not sure if that's just a problem for me or a problem for everyone. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Cheveyo Pháelán Published date: August 6, 2017

    Absolutely love this app. It really helps my A.D.D. and anxiety. But since the last update it won't start up properly. When I try to open it the window remains black and nothing happens no matter how long I wait. :/ Hope it can be fixed soon! Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    ciredan Published date: August 18, 2017

    the timing is off for some of the music whih makes it sound weird, the graphics are lacking and unenergetic and some of the songs have the wrong names ("two tigers" is obviously just "alouette"). its a good game in its own right but i think that other games like VOEZ have just done it better. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Im Terius Published date: August 14, 2017

    This game needs some major bug fixes. It has lagged or not registered my tap so many times. This costs me the level and makes me a little mad. Its not my device because my friend has the same problem. Cheeta Games please fix this Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    B E Raghuram Published date: August 15, 2017

    Can u include the easter disk which we collected a few months ago in ur disk collections. Another suggestion would be to shift the playlist creation center somewhere else as it overcrowdes the favourites section. Also allow us to mix non favourite songs.....Please include these in ur next update.....😀 Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Bhavik Jain Published date: August 10, 2017

    I absolutely love this game. I am not good at it but still I enjoy it. I do have one question regarding the gift boxes that appear during the endless mode. Are they temporary...? I mean are they going to stop appearing after some time. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Dominic Evert Published date: August 18, 2017

    Piano Tiles 2 is a well designed game, in that it allows you to earn its premium currency fairly efficiently, and as long as you're decent enough to earn Crowns on every level, you'll have an indefinite amount of the "energy" hearts. Even if you can necessarily crown levels, the game gives you enough of an excess in currency to buy more energy without having to worry. Partnered with great preformance, and daily quests the only thing Piano Tiles lacks is a way to battle other players and compete to see who can go the furtherest, in real time. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    xLiTheMagician Published date: August 22, 2017

    I love the game. The only thing that bothers me is that the backround doesn't change on my device during the song. 'Cause it does on my friends' devices. Would be great if it would do, too on Wiko lenny 3 :). Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    xX_B0gd4n_Xx Published date: August 10, 2017

    I have an issue. On Honor 7 Lite (also known as Honor 5C but with a fingerprint sensor) the music is out-of-sync with the actual tile-pressing action. But otherwise, i recommend this game. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Taylor Gambler Published date: August 13, 2017

    The app keeps crashing anytime I exit it and try to go back. I keep having to delete and reinstall the app. Never had this issue with my old phone, only on the s6. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Sabbath Parmely Published date: August 16, 2017

    It's great for keeping my mind occupied while listening to nice music. Perfect for getting my restless mind to sleep! One way it could be better would be if it had a search option to help find a particular song to play and/or unlock. Full Review

  • Piano Tiles 2™
    Utkarsh Singh Published date: August 20, 2017

    I'dont know what shud i say about this game. This is my favorate game nd evenly most addictive game in the world bt yeah..!! I have some problem if there are some hackers of this game so plzzz find them. Full Review