Meteorfall: Journeys

Meteorfall: Journeys

Defeat the Uberlich in this challenging, deck-building roguelike adventure!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Updated: February 14, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 1,000 - 5,000



Meteorfall is a deck-building roguelike. You'll choose your class from one of four unique adventurers, and then set out with a deck consisting of some basic attack cards. During the course of your adventure, you'll be presented with the opportunity to add powerful new cards to your deck.

No adventure would be complete without slaying a few monsters that get in your way. In battle, you'll draw cards from your ability deck. Each time you draw a card, you'll be able to swipe right to play the card, or swipe left to skip a turn and regain some stamina.

Between battles, you'll venture through a variety of locations, represented by an encounter deck. You'll encounter blacksmiths that can upgrade your cards, temples that can help you optimize your deck, and mysterious characters that will make you all sorts of bargains.

The tactical strategy of combat micro-decisions mixed with the strategic element of deck-building provides a compelling and deep gameplay experience.

As with all roguelikes, death is permanent. You'll earn some gems that you can use to unlock new cards, but it's back to the drawing board after that. Start out with a new adventurer and set out on your quest once again.

The good news is that Meteorfall is different every time you play - you'll encounter different locations, different enemies, and different quests. Part of the challenge is adapting to the challenging situations the game puts you in, given the cards available.

Good luck hero - it's time to end the Uberlich's cycle of destruction!

+ Challenging roguelike gameplay with an easy-to-understand deck-building combat system
+ Procedurally generated content - every adventure is unique
+ A dozen different enemies with 7 unique bosses
+ Four heroes to choose from, each with a different starting deck and unique playstyle
+ Unlockable cards that can be easily earned through normal play
+ Google Play integration with Leaderboards and Achievements
+ Portrait orientation for casual one-handed gameplay
+ No ads, timers, or other freemium shenanigans


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  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Alan 2dOS Published date: February 16, 2018

    Nice little casual rpg card game. For those that enjoy this kind of rpg "lite" games. Card crawl is like this and also fun. Don't like the "continue" game design button.. It's a bit strange and makes it feel like the game session stopped. Took a while for me to figure out it meant it was the enemies turn and I ran out of stamina. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Jack Keefer Published date: February 17, 2018

    Very nice presentation, graphics, animations. I disliked the game play though. Too much randomness for me. I guess it was just not my style of card game. Didn't have fun. No IAP though which I commend the makers for. I don't regret supporting this device just for that reason. Maybe next game they make will be more of my cup of tea. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Jae Lee Published date: February 20, 2018

    last update was awful re:new events thin down chance of hitting a temple (subjectively cause i dont know what exact chances are) so it makes the game feel even harder and rng dependant for bruno or 2 casters who really need temple to optimize their builds. adding onto this, levelling and resting nerf seems unfair as two caster classes never felt too easy beating the game. Meanwhile, mischief is still easiest character to beat the game with even after the update. Do appreciate that you take in feedbacks Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    I suck at games to Published date: February 17, 2018

    Don't get me wrong the gameplay is really fun its only downside is not much content if the devs add more cards,characters and events would be 5 stars Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Eric Spain Published date: February 16, 2018

    Not as deep as I was hoping. Most of the game depends on RNG. I tried this game 20 times before I gave up. Every time I would get screwed by bad card draw. There's no strategic way to fix this. You need new cards to beat the boss but you don't get many. You only get one chance to get rid of a card MAYBE. The fights only consist of play or don't play. The game offers very little strategic choice. If you want an actual deep strategic card game look elsewhere. If you want a light waste of time with pretty graphics then this is perfect. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Emili Burt Published date: February 19, 2018

    I love this game! It's a quick play and is different every time. I haven't had much difficulty making it to the end. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Mark Harris Published date: February 18, 2018

    What an awesome deck builder! I only wish there were some form of longer campaign because I want MORE! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Mark Laufgraben Published date: February 23, 2018

    Really enjoyable deckbuilder in the vein of Dream Quest. Great art inspired by Adventure Time. 5 stars, having an awesome time! Thank you for making it! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Andrew Waters Published date: February 19, 2018

    Beautiful game, great controls, easy to play, but seems to be some serious balance issues between playable characters and also between characters and bosses. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    David Cox Published date: February 21, 2018

    Really enjoyable deck builder, with lots of replayability. I can't wait to see how the future development goes Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Devin Zacharias Published date: February 22, 2018

    Great, lightweight deck-building/roguelike game for on the go! Cannot wait for more cards and classes! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Redemption - Published date: February 18, 2018

    WILL THERE BE MORE?? Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Daniel Brown Published date: February 18, 2018

    My favorite mobile game hands down. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Tom Lucas Published date: February 17, 2018

    This is my favorite mobile game! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Bariqapesopyan Topdah Published date: February 19, 2018

    Need more class,highly addictive Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Donald Wilcox Published date: February 2, 2018

    Great fast deckbuilder optimized for mobile. Feels a bit like star realms or hero realms. Some QOL suggestions. Move the "continue" button down a bit. Optional faster animations. And it would be nice when swiping right.. the card effect text should show the actual numbers that take in to account any buffs or defense. It slows the game down to have to view player and enemy stats and calculate the numbers in your head. Also more content and surprises. Tough choices. Additional upgrades beyond cards. Keep it up! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Matt Henegar Published date: February 14, 2018

    Great rogue-lite card game, especially for short bursts. This is the type of game I like to see on mobile. The only issues I have is the background noise. It would be nice if we could turn it down or mute the roaring sound. I think the art style is great, and the gameplay loop is addictive. Highly recommended this game, especially for the asking price. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Andrew Gribbin Published date: February 1, 2018

    Fantastic game, if your after a quick play through, fast action, pve card game this one is great value for money. The Dev we'll work out issues of raised to them on social media and has committed to new content. Also no micro transactions!! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    LucidityOfPower Published date: February 8, 2018

    This game is amazing! It has great depth and strategy. There are two technical issues as of this post, though (don't let this discourage you from buying!): I've see debug scripts when updating cards (something being out of bounds in red font) and crashes that happen somewhat rarely. Other than that, I'm looking forward to improvements in game play. But I definitely recommend it! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Mark Waring Published date: February 3, 2018

    This game is absolutely fantastic. Love it a ton and I play it constantly. However, one small thing is keeping me from giving it the full 5 stars. The background noise. Throughout the game there is this insanely loud and very annoying noise of a "crowd" of people talking in the background. There is no option to turn it off. If you turn off sound you lose all of the battle and card sounds as well. If there was an option to turn off the ambient crowd noise or at the very least turn it down, this game will deserve 5 stars no question. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    John Mak Published date: January 30, 2018

    Overall I think it's a fun game that scratches my roguelike itch. Love the simplicity and mechanics. Can use some additional balancing. Some of the upgrade cards seem to be worse for my deck after I bought them. Some cards seem kinda op when the enemy uses them (zap). Wish you can store a card for later use. Good amount of cards depend on how many cards you played (or haven't played). They're totally useless when drawn at the wrong time, which seems to be most of the time. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Adrian Lee Published date: February 7, 2018

    A really fun casual roguelike that's pretty well polished. There are some issues with the completion achievements that needs a fix, and also the option to take out the unlockable cards from your deck would be nice. I look forward to more classes, cards and more/longer game modes. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Quincy Van Maren Published date: January 31, 2018

    Brilliantly designed little game. Really scratches that pve roguelike itch. Props to the dev for making it totally, 100% ethical, pricing-wise. No ads, no timers, no freemium bs. Just a good game that is absolutely worth paying for. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Fillipi A. H. Bittencourt Published date: February 3, 2018

    Well, don't let the score that i am givint fool you. The game has great potential, however it still lacks in depth. There is very few viability for alternative deck builds. You are usually stuck with the same old deck if you want to have any sort of pogress. It also lacks a progress system, which can still be implemented It feels more of a mini-game... It is too shallow. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Jacob Bourcy Published date: February 13, 2018

    It's pretty basic, but it's not necessarily a bad thing from a phone game. I like it a lot. My only gripe is that sometimes it doesn't register I'm hitting buttons like hitting a red X. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Omar Domínguez Published date: February 14, 2018

    Needs a 2x speed option as the game feels a bit sluggish. Also the level up screen is annoying. Other than those minor grievances the game is pretty great it borrows from Dream Quest and reigns and it works beautifully. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Published date: February 4, 2018

    Great little deck builder. No adds or microtransactions, quick games, simple to grasp but more depth than you expect. Like a simple version of slay the spire but still a breath of fresh air. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Coinrule Wealthmiser Published date: February 6, 2018

    3rd battle in, play greybeard, die on first monster's second turn. Is that supposed to be fun? The more you boil these card games do to their basic mechanics the less enjoyment to be had. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Brian Fong Published date: February 13, 2018

    A lot of great content and challenging with multiple characters and playstyles that will last hours. Great mobile alt for Slay The Spire! Negatives include low card variety/few unlocks so decks dont have many archetypes/variety at the moment. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Boris Josz Published date: February 4, 2018

    Great game with awesome graphics! Only problem i've had is when i open the recap after a turn i have to hit the X like 5 times before it quits the recap. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Robert Grubb Published date: February 5, 2018

    I never thought I'd enjoy this sort of game. Boy was I wrong. It's so fun to pick up and try to get further every time. I think I'm getting better at it! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Joel Ng Published date: February 5, 2018

    Although the game as a whole is fun, the bosses are extremely tough. It kinda makes the game less interesting as the boss's cards are always stacked against you. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Jody Benedict Published date: February 5, 2018

    My only complaint is that I beat it with all the characters before the achievements were added and now I can't seem to get the achievements for beating the game with the different characters. No problems with the actual game though. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    christian fels Published date: February 7, 2018

    beat the lich too fast, now there is nothing new to explore. very good game but not enough content. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Andrea Rubbini Published date: February 7, 2018

    This game really grew on me. It's a work made out of love and care for the details. Deep and fun. Oh, and the artwork is awesome. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Nicholas Roncatti Published date: February 2, 2018

    Fast and easy to pick up. I wish some mechanics were explained better (bleed, poison, etc.), but you learn as you go! Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Tianyu Wang Published date: February 4, 2018

    When playing Greybeard, the SAP mana seems have no restore charge effect, and deck seems can't show correct charge for cards Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Luke Terheyden Published date: February 12, 2018

    Very fun, solitaire / rogue-like. Lots of replay value. Needs more heroes and more stuff to unlock. I have 1000s of diamonds and nothing to spend them on. Keep up the great work. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    Renax111 Published date: February 8, 2018

    Too unbalanced to be any fun in the long term. The game is mostly luck and RNG, which takes a few tries to realise. Full Review

  • Meteorfall: Journeys
    ONemOMENT 1 Published date: February 12, 2018

    Big fan of card games like Legendary. This game breaks it down to a minimalist deck building game that's easy to pick up with a good challenge. Full Review