Memory Mastermind

Memory Mastermind

Challenge and enhance your memory! Are you a Memory Mastermind?

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.20
  • Updated: January 30, 2014
  • Requires Android: 2.2 and up
  • Installs: 500,000 - 1,000,000



"This one is really addictive!" -

"Memory Mastermind will surely force you to improve your photographic memory quickly!" -

Memory Mastermind is a unique mix of Memory and Mastermind that will push your skills to the limit. Train and enhance your memory, processing speed, pattern recognition, flexibility, and problem solving in this intense puzzle experience.

- Push your skills to the limit as you progress through increasingly difficult levels.
- Challenge yourself in the Challenge Mode (If you dare)
- Lots of Achievements!

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11,455 total
5 7,143 
4 2,283 
3 1,104 
2 329 
1 596 

  • Memory Mastermind
    Rebecca Pressley Published date: November 6, 2016

    Man i am the master mind!!! RUBRUB!!!!!!! WHEN IS 2.1 COMING OUT!?!?!?!?!?!?! FOR GD PLEASE DUDE TELL ME WHY I WANT 2.1UPDATE PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS RELEASE IT NOWWWWWWW OR ELSE... ILL GIVE A POOR RATING ON GEOMETRY DASH, GD LITE, AND MELTDOWN! OH AND BTW THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!! PLZZZ RUBRUB!,IF YOUR READING THIS, Please rate other people's levels even though those creators aren't famous.But if you do feature and rate other people's levels I and a bunch of other MILLION people will be happy! Anyways, I would really appreciate it Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Thomas Chidwick Published date: November 9, 2016

    Amazing game Love the game, very addictive and since it's a wonderful game I would like to buy it. However though, I am unable to do so. When I tap on either purchase option the Google Play in app purchase doesn't show up. Do I need to do something to make it work or is there a bug in the app that needs fixing? Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Boss BCC Published date: June 9, 2015

    Fun yet challenging For this game you have to mimorize a lot of colors. It gets hard when there aren't more colors and ,more boxes to fill. The challeng mde is really challenging because you have to imagine it as ifnit shifted left or right. It gets really confusing Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Joaquin Breslin Published date: December 11, 2016

    Hmm...what about this? I'm looking for a way to increase the points in my Brain Quotient. Came from my head is one of your games: Memory Mastermind. Tried Geometry Dash, and it greatly improves my response speed. What about this? UPDATE: Oops...found out this is addictive. 5 stars! Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Nathan Pettus Published date: January 8, 2015

    So addictive! I normally don't install games, never end up playing them- however this one is addictive for me. Mentally simulating. I wish there was a option to see the entire speed history though, not just the fastest record. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    CelestialMacaw Published date: January 4, 2017

    Title Fun game that you can play if you have nothing else to do. There is one issue I have with this game though, and that is the fact that I cannot get the premium levels at all. No matter what I do, I cannot purchase either of the upgrade options. I closed and opened the game, rebooted my tablet, but to no avail. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Published date: August 24, 2016

    I hate how they make us do nice stuff to their website and all just for us to unlock items! This comment is being written as I have been forced to. I just want to unlock these levels, OK? I've played geometry dash before and they had the same conditions, 'Rate and like our website', 'Subscribe to our channel to unlock this ship.' Anyway, bonus levels here I come! Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Miranda Y Published date: June 21, 2015

    It's fun, challenging, and a good way to spend time. I really wish they'd have more free levels - making people pay to play more levels when its advertised as a free game is a little bit of a let down. Other than that I love it. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Gamebuster Published date: September 2, 2016

    I would give it 5 stars, but I have to knock it down to 4 because I can't purchase the full version, due the upgrade buttons not working on my phone. Besides that, this is a solid game, and I highly recommend it. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    GD Hydrotic Published date: August 5, 2017

    The game is very challenging,but why can I save my progress? when I quit the game then open it again,all progress was gone and start over from 1,how? Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Mala Epulani Published date: October 30, 2014

    Ok will do our own, and a few weeks. The list below. The list of things. It is your chance. The may have a girly, and a few weeks. We are doing well and truly, and a half. I will be home after a while to get the best. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Todd Blackburn Published date: September 12, 2015

    It's ok. But I think there should be more time to memorize it. I also think that you should be able to play the bonus levels without having to tell you how much I like the game. It's just crazy. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Brynn Nelson Published date: April 20, 2015

    Great game It is really fun and will get your brain thinking but its not to challenging, witch stinks but is good for younger kids Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Younis. Alahmad Published date: August 18, 2015

    Very hard ! Hard game but still fun. I really like this game.You should use your mind, and it is not bad for your health. It challenges your brain . Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Jemima Urquhart-Barham Published date: May 25, 2015

    Fun and hard!! I love this game! It really stretches your mind. I'm not good at remembering things and this gives you a few chances to get it right! If your like me and are rubbish at remembering things or just want a challenge DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! Its really fun as well!! =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Guillaume Humbert Published date: April 2, 2016

    Need to buy premium very fast, and strange permissions required After 3 stages which are quite easy you already need to unlock the rest by buying it (even though it is not that expensive). Also why does the app requires location, read contact list, call list, calendar and sms?? Sorry but can't give a good rating for this Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Scarlet Moon Published date: December 21, 2015

    Overheat my phone This game is awesome and challenging me, but in the middle game my phone always overheating so I must to turn off my phone after I'm playing this game :'(. If you fix this problem I will give 5 star on the next update :D Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Henry Published date: June 3, 2016

    Can't upgrade I beat all the free levels for this game and it's great so far. However, the buttons to upgrade to Premium don't work for whatever reason. How can I fix this? Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Dr Donday Published date: April 21, 2016

    One of the game modes... I'm not naming names but this game mode "to the left" had me really confused and it's a real butt Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Published date: August 16, 2017

    I love Memory Mastermid. This has little rages, and this only... Sorry. I didn't get the stars of another levels. I love fast. I rate you Memory Mastermind! Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    lego bricker Published date: April 7, 2016

    Hated it I have more fun with (R) other games than this one. I just hate it Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Dylan Melhuish Published date: December 25, 2014

    Very nice to play this game.. 5 stars 😊Only downside is the that it can get boring after a while Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Joshua Ransom Published date: September 20, 2014

    Fun little game times out only displays part of the grid. Obviously I'll need the whole grid to play. Effects are great though. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    UnicornLoverWolf Cool Published date: December 27, 2016

    Not great I do not think it is not that good compared to other games 😳 Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Elyse Corley Published date: June 3, 2016

    Addictive Really fun to play when I'm bored and its always my goal to get three stars on EVERY level!!! But on the harder levels, maybe give us more time before you take one star off. Thx! Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    SoloBugg Published date: August 17, 2015

    Geometry Dash is better. It's not bad. In fact, I like it. It doesn't have as much popularity as Geometry Dash, plus no online mode levels or areas or anything like that. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Mcskinney Jacket Published date: July 1, 2014

    Challenging your IQ Like it!! It's making me frustrated Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Andy Le Published date: April 19, 2015

    Fun But.... How Some of the challenge mode things doesnt even tell u how to do it so i get really confused so make a how to play mode where it tells you what each thing does. But overall its pretty fun. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Pat Q Published date: August 8, 2016

    Mastermind I love it! Challenging and fun but you have to go way too fast to get three stars. I am fast and its almost impossible. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Jon R. Published date: May 2, 2015

    Good! I like it but does there have to be a premium for everything? At least make one game that already has all the levels. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    microbemaster Published date: October 2, 2015

    Great Game Lord RubRub is at it again! This game is amazing, the only flaw is the lack of levels, which I hope gets fixed soon! Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Brett Kloepper Published date: April 19, 2014

    just fantastic when i play Memory Mastermind i dont think of memorizing the patterns. instead i just take a screenshot with an ipod and just base it off that. shrek is love. shrek is life. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    bunny girl foreva Published date: November 7, 2015

    Messes with your head...IN A GOOD WAY!!! Its so much fun to play! You can play wen your bored or any time Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Eleanor Verity Published date: February 5, 2014

    This is a really good game. This game really gets your mind going and is a lot of fun I just can't do the challenge mode and to do bonus u have to rate which is really cheeky but clever that's the only reason I have rated this :-D Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    MiracleDoesPvP - Daily SG/PvP! Published date: April 3, 2016

    Great game! I love it, it tests your memory to the limit. Hope you release more games like this. :) Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Sharon Rankins Published date: November 11, 2015

    Moto X I tried out six memory games in the last two days, and this one is the best of all the others I've tried... I like it a lot, it's a fun way to keep your mind sharp. Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    THATGUYTHEMAN 1987 Published date: December 16, 2016

    Very well done Omg this very well made, RobTop makes the most challenging games ever! Though it makes me rage... Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Jake Abusaid Published date: December 11, 2014

    dont know how to play level 5 in challange mode. plz help Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    Veneno Cruze Published date: January 10, 2015

    The game is gud I like the game it doesn't has much addiction but y the hell do I have to rate to unlock bonus levels Full Review

  • Memory Mastermind
    croco sillikicks Published date: January 23, 2016

    NOTHING TO SAY Only one thing...4 Color 2: 8 has five colors, but the game is still great! Full Review