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The world is closer than ever with over 100 languages

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: November 1, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000



• Translate between 103 languages by typing
• Tap to Translate: Copy text in any app and your translation pops up
• Offline: Translate 59 languages when you have no Internet
• Instant camera translation: Use your camera to translate text instantly in 38 languages
• Camera Mode: Take pictures of text for higher-quality translations in 37 languages
• Conversation Mode: Two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages
• Handwriting: Draw characters instead of using the keyboard in 93 languages
• Phrasebook: Star and save translations for future reference in any language

Translations between the following languages are supported:
Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Frisian, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Samoan, Scots Gaelic, Serbian, Sesotho, Shona, Sindhi, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu

Permissions Notice
Google Translate may ask for permission to access the following features:
• Microphone for speech translation
• Camera for translating text via the camera
• SMS for translating text messages
• External storage for downloading offline translation data
• Accounts and credentials for signing-in and syncing across devices


5,320,543 total
5 3,632,109 
4 871,257 
3 384,587 
2 163,697 
1 268,893 

  • Google Translate
    LillyBug 0719 Published date: November 4, 2017

    Only one thing... Can you plz make an audio for the Samoan laungage? My dads Samoan but I don't want to annoy him with so many questions! And also, I can call people idiots without them knowing! (At school) Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Fer Nie Published date: November 1, 2017

    Tested mic input on Google Voice. Passed mic test. 1. Mic input via G Translate is not registering my voice. No text appears. 2. After inputting typed text, translation is successfull. Putting cursor into text field again opens then closes text field. Unable to type text a second time. Running App on brand new Samsung Chromebook Plus Full Review

  • Google Translate
    S. K. Bala Published date: November 10, 2017

    Very useful. But 1 suggestion; [• Tap to Translate: Copy text in any app and your translation pops up.] Would you consider to make it "Select and translate" instead of copying text! I think this will be more useful. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Evan Fehr Published date: November 14, 2017

    I can never get the offline translator to work now! Keep updating with the promise it will finally work. This apps going downhill fast, translation failed even when accessing internet Finally got offline translator to work! Yet again offline translator has stopped working actually it rarely works with Internet now Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Chris Prince Udochukwu Njọkụ Published date: November 6, 2017

    This is a great app. Offline packs of the languages respond to the heartbeat of mono and oligo-linguists who find themselves often in offline areas. I use them optimally to benefit from documents in unfamiliar languages and to prepare adequately for my active online interactions in forums with marked language diversity. The app's ability to translate road signs means you can't get lost in places you can't read/speak their languages. It's just amazing. Just be sure your phone has large storage space. Translators, however, need to do a little more work to minimize disjointedness, loss of meaning and ambiguity. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Kelvin Bonilla Published date: November 4, 2017

    Although no replacement for a human translator, it does a remarkable job of getting you out from a bind. some languages like Korean and Japanese are difficult to translate with appropriate context. It's best to use short words or phrases instead of translating entire sentences. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Diana Diana Published date: November 10, 2017

    I downloaded it before but it's not working sometimes and it stops translating when I'm offline even if i downloaded the language. It annoys me and I had to uninstall and download the app again in order to translate. Please work on this problem Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Rob Lefebvre Published date: November 12, 2017

    Instant translate is amazing. Please allow zooming as it is hard to translate a far away street sign. Also, allow a screen capture or share during pause so you can share/save the translated image without having to use an awkward screen shot key. Finally, please allow instant translate from a saved image. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Randi Avila Published date: November 16, 2017

    Easy to use, with a little problem... When I send a message I translated message to people they don't understand what it says. Either 1 a word was wrong or two the way a word or words are being put into a sentence wrong. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Published date: November 18, 2017

    I've been using Google translate for 3 yrs! Never let's me down!! Don't know what I would have done without it.. my boyfriend is Spanish n we both have had to use it esp when we are arguing!! I esp want to make sure he's understanding what I am saying!!! I can use voice.text.even camera!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Project Assistant 123 Published date: November 9, 2017

    Google translate it NOT 100% accurate. I can speak some russian and it said that Привет, я том, which says hi I am tom means hi,I have a volume.....what the heck... ( I did hi I am tom because that's one of the sentences ik in russian). Just learn the language you want to learn instead of using a translating app. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Ronald Harvey Published date: November 17, 2017

    My Note 4 reboots 5 out of 10 times when I start this app. Why??? No one knows and no one will ever know why. We just have to live with bad software. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Brayden Bugazzi Published date: November 3, 2017

    Doesn't allow you the option to download to a fairly new phone phone with gigs and gigs of storage. Has some bug in it that falsely Says no memory, and it won't function in a way that will allow me to use it in the country I am going to. It is a real shame Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Dee Lee Published date: November 19, 2017

    Going backwards. It was great when I 1st got to Japan because it had an instant translate feature using the video camera.. I didn't have to Take a picture... Then they removed it!!!! Now it's just a hassle to take pics in the store and wait Full Review

  • Google Translate
    yy dd Published date: November 13, 2017

    Gives me a no network error when using camera for Afrikaans to English translation. Wi-Fi working perfectly and it will manage to translate 4 or 5 times until the error comes and it won't work anymore. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well as the offline language with no solution. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Rohit Sawai Published date: November 6, 2017

    I use this translator to translate into Marathi. But I found its extremely bad translator. Why don't you have Marathi dictionary? This is the WORST translator that I used. Please delete Marathi language if you don't know how to convert English into Marathi. If you don't have enough Marathi words. EXTREMELY HATEFUL. Fu** off this translator. Need many..many...many changes. It makes a person stressful. Don't ever upload any app without perfection. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Virag Padalkar Published date: November 13, 2017

    The pop up button every time you copy text is a tad irritating. A better way would be to include "Translate" as an option as soon as you select text along with copy/cut/paste Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Ross Marianne Alcantara Published date: November 6, 2017

    Useful only for word per word not for a paragraph. I could never trust this for translating English to my language (Filipino) or vise versa since it doesn't care for the usage of that word in the given sentence. Would like it if they could actually translate to something useful. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Harrier Silverquill Published date: November 14, 2017

    Works great, except most of the time it doesn't work at all because of a silly "no network error when I clearly have both Wi-Fi and mobile data. Also don't see the point of having offline data packs if the app still won't work while I have "no network." Full Review

  • Google Translate
    dhasarathan mech Published date: November 8, 2017

    As long as far Google translation is much better then its initial stages.. but there is frequent issues that I am facing in really translation is still irritating me.. for example the letter f doesn't translate as it is in while copying text it simply shows a box while copying so please try to fix these kinds of minor bugs which eventually plays lead role to give negative remarks on best running app Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Ace Super Published date: November 2, 2017

    Can't translate Myanmar language? I'm playing game and need translate what Myanmar talking in game, maybe bad or good they say. Please! Better translate all languages. For perfect app. I'm waiting for update please. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Published date: November 13, 2017

    I is awesome app. It is multi-language gugo dictionary also. It is toooo amazing. It helps me in every problem related to foreign language. Its style and graphics also be awesome. And its hinglish translate behind the answer helps me even us to pronounce fluently it is awesome. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Игорь Cryptor Published date: November 12, 2017

    `Tap to translate` option's `Show notification` setting always turns off "automatically" when set on at first time, so you need to turn it again. It seems that Google sabotaging this bug to collect more data about users and their behavior as usual. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Nicholas Crim Published date: November 8, 2017

    When I have had the "what would you want your super power to be?" conversation, after dismissing the unrealistic options, I have always said "I wish I could communicate in any language". This app is the closest I can come to that superpower right now. And it's free. I can't overstate how amazing this app is. Whether it's in writing or verbal, you can translate it. Some of the translations are rough approximations, but it's better than no translation at all!! Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Gap Aldaya Published date: November 11, 2017

    Helpful Nice app. It helps me understand more what's the difficult words mean.. but one thing I want to suggest is that it would be better if all languages can be download so that I can use it offline.. thank you.. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Kang Se Rae Published date: November 13, 2017

    i can tell from the number of people who download this app is indicate that this app is really usefull .btw i m new users and just getting excited using this accomodation..and i leave a comment here just before trying this app i hope this app really good... Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Maina Maina Published date: November 19, 2017

    I don't know why u .not added assamese language . Are you think that assames is not a language? I really don't why. Not interested this language. 90 percent people speak Assamese in northest. So kindly added our mother tongue in your Site. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    A Google User Published date: November 19, 2017

    It doesn't work anymore on my Samsung Galaxy A3. It's searching for translations indefinitely (English to Spanish, typing). When speaking, the voice recognition does not seem to work either, the spoken words don't even appear on the screen)... Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Published date: November 12, 2017

    Downloaded language which is used for offline and camera translation is working only couple of times after download and then it stops so I have to uninstall and install it again. It is very annoying because I do need it most of the time. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    The Eleutheromaniac Published date: November 19, 2017

    This new updated version is not accepting the speech input for french offline. And thank speech output is also not working properly. It fails online , and works offline. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    August Younge Published date: November 4, 2017

    This has to be the most hilarious translator out there! A friend used this to send me an email! I am Québecois! He is American! He said hello and I understood a couple other things. No sentance structure so I couldn't understand the message! He said something about doing laundry and taking a walk! But it said something in your French translation about soapy legs and was waiting for them to be dead. Send just 1 sentence from this app and the French immediately know it is google translate! Very very very very very bad app! Full Review

  • Google Translate
    PJ Work Published date: November 5, 2017

    It's good, but it refuses to install offline French. 29 GB available for download & install plus 28 GB external space. That's irritating, to say the least. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    ajit Singh Rathore Published date: November 8, 2017

    it has loose listening capacity its not listening correct as before. ... One of the best app please give us option to make folder in phrases book, so that we could save phrases categorie wise according to our need.. Thanx Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Published date: November 17, 2017

    I guess its nice. Although it's about the Google translate on Google play,could u pls fix the one on the internet? Cuz once I typed a really long text, but when I was about to finish, it suddenly highlighted it and I couldn't make it stop. Once I did, it DELETED.EVERYTHING!!! I HAD TO START THE TEXT AGAIN.i know it's about the one on he Internet, but still! PUH-LEEZE!! fix the one on GOOGLE! Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Zac Sollecito Published date: November 4, 2017

    Used to use it more while trying to learn a new language, but the Wear functionality has become null and I have to whip out my phone every time I need to make any translation. Would be 5 stars if I could actually get it working on Android Wear. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    vijay shakun Published date: November 1, 2017

    I've been using since I bought smartphone it an amazing app there's no doubt at all. But few things should have improved for people who loves your products, but there's not that much improved. You have to improve it by what people needing. I suggest you what should be improved. Need bookmark, save to folders, backup data offline, restore option and synchronisation... Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Dhaval Selar Published date: November 8, 2017

    It's not working like before, after updating it's working totally bad... I already downloaded some languages for offline translation but it's not working even i have good strengths internet.. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    glenn austerfield Published date: November 1, 2017

    I've been using this for about 4 years and it keeps getting better and better. It has some problems with Japanese, but it's always improving. Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Casey Boxall Published date: November 8, 2017

    I use this a point a lot and I think it's incredibly useful, however as of late it will not allow me to download the translation files of languages. As soon as this is fixed I'll happily give it 5 stars! Full Review

  • Google Translate
    Mustafa Ismail Published date: November 12, 2017

    The translation is inacurate when typing the text. And it doesn't translate the speach. My phone is new amd all appd work just fine Full Review