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Google Play Games

Discover great games, and earn achievements and high scores.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: November 18, 2016
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 1,000,000,000 - 5,000,000,000



Games get more fun with the Google Play Games app. Compete with friends, track your achievements, and pick up where you left off, on any device. As you master more games, show off your skills in your Gamer Profile. Record your gameplay and share it to YouTube. And whether you love puzzles, racing, sports or action games, you can choose from thousands of great games from right within the app. Play the world, anywhere in the world, all from one place.

• New! Gameplay Recording*: Easily record and share your best gaming moments from your favorite mobile games.
• Gamer Profile: Create your custom Gamer ID, earn XP, and level up as you master games across Google Play.
• Saved Games: Pick up right where you left off, from any device.
• Achievements & Leaderboards: Complete challenges, earn awards, and track them all right from the app. Then, see how you stack up against other players.

* Only available in certain countries


5,163,923 total
5 3,425,968 
4 621,923 
3 380,035 
2 168,666 
1 567,331 

  • Google Play Games
    Ladybug Red Published date: February 4, 2017

    I HAVE NO AUTO UPDATING. BUT THIS APP THAT I DON'T WANT OR USE KEEPS AUTO UPDATING. WHY??????? SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Uses MY memory that I have to pay for. When I go to uninstall it, I am told that it has some updates that fix other apps. Why don't they just fix those apps with their updates? Just an excuse to have an additional app to get more information from our phones to sell. How many 5 stars are company pd people? Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    amiel seth Published date: June 27, 2017

    So I'm trying to install a new app and im sure that there's enough space on my mobile, but it still needs more space, i delete things, and uninstall apps with spaces triple of the space it demanded but i still end up having not enough space. Same goes for updates. I try to update but nope no space. But annoyingly, if i uninstall and install it again, it works but i have no time for that. Am i doing anything wrong? Help please? Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    amber hebert Published date: November 17, 2016

    All my friends say they love it but I CANT GET IT TO RECORD On my tablet when I go to play my game and record it so I can post it to YouTube and have my face in in! There is no tiny little circle next to the play symbol my friend told me to click on. It's not really fair to me because I have it fully up to date !!!! Please fix I even uninstalled and reinstalled installed!!!!! For now I am rating at 2 stars ONLY because my friends say it is the best app they have ever used to record! Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Franky Gee Published date: June 26, 2017

    messing up big time. always freezes my entire phone , the screen becomes unresponsive, the sign in fails and is persistent. games that rely on this app lose progress often. i really wish google would just stop trying to be everything. you win google, youre the best, the world depends on you and wed be nothing without you ..... now stop, chill, psycho Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    HiTsa BaJrchrYa Published date: January 8, 2017

    nce but .. play games is better way to have fun n stay connected to ur frend bt the games i left n finished their xp point does not increase. it has levels to compete with frens bt if xp does not increase thn whats the point. plz fix this problem Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Stephanie Hall Published date: May 15, 2017

    I love how whether gaming , or continuing any Process provided by Google, you folks keep working towards the next best thing u can develople with in an existing App for further ability. Which in turns makes us all look , that much better hear in Cyber World I. Keep doing what you do. My family appreciates you!!!!!! Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Audie Kavanaugh Published date: December 17, 2016

    Not logging in Was working fine until about 2 months ago. It will not log me in my account in one of my games. It does not even pull up to show an account or nothing. It shows a circle and acts like its gonna open then it goes black and disappears. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Dorothy Johnson Published date: April 25, 2017

    Not using it anymore! I really don't need it. My choice Correct? Well, NOT WHEN IT IS NOT PRE INSTALLED. *** The app overall is good. But Not when it's CONSTANTLY UPDATING itself on My tablet!!! How DOES this app keep Installing when I've All update notifications OFF!? 😯 AND I DO MEAN EVERYWHERE! seriously ~ LOOK INTO THIS Google, Thank you! Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Stephanie Whitaker Published date: June 25, 2017

    I really hate that some games cannot run without this. I barely have enough room on my phone for a good game. Then I have to download this thing, too. On top of which, it doesn't move to the SD card. I REALLY HATE this. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Kathy Harmon Published date: June 22, 2017

    The Google App Store is set up as a payment processing center and they do nothing but scam and steal from gullible people!!! they take your money for other apps and process payments for which you do not authorize!!! do not put your bank debit card on this app!!! they will subscribe and charge you to apps that you do not want so that they can get a profit from the apps they are subscribing you to or charging for in app charges!!! and will only authorize one refund but they will not refund you all the money that they steal from your bank account... burnt once but not twice!!! Hey tell you to remove your payment method then refused to delete it... Processing center short for rip off legal thiefs!!! This app is not to keep track of your gaming history it is to process unauthorized payments once again legal thiefs!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED... Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    GRYME YARD GAMING Published date: December 19, 2016

    Very great app but.. I'm currently using a Mobicel Shift andriod device.And Google Play Games doesn't allow me to record my gameplay,Every time I try recording a message pops up and says "your device isn't supported". So I was wondering why does this happens? Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    508 Unknown Pro Published date: April 21, 2017

    You think it's funny?! I'm in an important clan war then your app pops up, logs me in and restarts the game!!! Because of that 2 attacks were wasted! So fix your app that wastes precious time and precious opportunities in games Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Jasmine Brown Published date: April 2, 2017

    I would rate this app five stars, but I have one problem. I have an account already, but I can't switch the email. There is no option to sign in to an account with another email. I would delete my google play games account and start over, but I've gotten more progress I've had in a long time. So can you please add a feature where you can switch emails on accounts or sign into accounts with other emails? Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    SaGHaR ALi MuGHaL Published date: June 26, 2017

    Bad app. Fetch my phone data. Auto updates even if its not allowed. Use Balance automatically. Virus infected because automatically download package softwares and apps. Its very bad. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Kit Kat Published date: June 14, 2017

    I dont understand what happened, but Ive earned much more than what Im being given credit for. I played one game where I earned no many points, it seems that I leveled up multiple times, yet Im still stuck on the same level, then in another game, I actually saw my level go up from 14 to 15, but then when I played another game, it showed my level was back to 14 again. I know its not really a big deal or anything, but I want what Ive earned. This needs to be fixed and all of my achievements need to be acknowledged and counted towards my level. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    DarkOverlord SJ Published date: January 22, 2017

    I used to completely rely on this app to keep track of my save data, now that I updated, the app no longer works correctly. It worked right up to version 3.0.10. Afterwards, it fails to login and I can't even actually access the app. I might just switch to an iPhone, at least most of their updates don't break the apps. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Umacharan Singh Published date: March 5, 2017

    This the best of best apps. It is wonderful app and best to save our game and play whenever and wherever we want mostly the most famous games like clash of clans or clash royale or boom beach. Guys don't east your time reading my review and download it and have fun Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Stykera Yamato Published date: December 18, 2016

    There simply needs to be more support in transferring data from older or broken devices to new ones. I don't like that every new device creates a new set of game data despite being under the same account. I shouldn't have to jump thru hoops to play my old games on my new phone. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Published date: November 22, 2016

    Im getting sick of all the f#:-)king pop up hints and tips, I know how to use it but you still have to tell me 19 f#:-)king times while im doing it, its a joke really. Go to do 1 thing should take me 2 seconds but takes 5 mins cause I have to keep clicking your stupid pop up tips Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    E ArArechavala Published date: February 2, 2017

    One of many apps im am very pleased with. Google has created an awesome app. Easy to use. Thank you so much to the smart people at Goggle. 👍👍 Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Ryan Lucas Published date: December 21, 2016

    Only good if you collect awards No good for connecting with friends. Very confusing to use and havent seen any point in it yet. Also cant use the record games feature. Shocking Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Anirban Chakrabarty Published date: June 26, 2017

    I just updated my Google play services apps. Latest update is very bad.. lots of advertisements.. just can't operate my mobile. I hate this. Plz fix the issue admin. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Mark Orford Published date: May 9, 2017

    How do you read your own review? It gives you the first couple of lines then fades out; there's no way to expand. In fact, I really don't like what you've done with the entire Google Play Store layout, period. Copying Apple for example with the update circle to show update progress for apps instead of the bar? POOR. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Mini Maxx Published date: November 20, 2016

    Updates need bugs fixed before releasing No doubt the latest update causes interference when gaming yet again. Slow or cant load, crashing during play and freezing. Come on, get your act together guys Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Susie Q Published date: June 17, 2017

    Forced Download. I don't like being forced to download an app because Google won't let you play your games unless you do. Hey, Google - Don't Be Evil! Oh, you forgot your motto. . .mores the pity. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Ganesh Karhale Published date: March 8, 2017

    I am not able to sign in, in any Google app except Play Store and Play Services. It says 'no internet connection', when there is. I want a place to discuss in detailed about this problem. Is it a bug? Version Problem ? One more thing : "Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped" popups many a times. (HINT) Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Nylikcaj Eugenio Published date: May 6, 2017

    This is pretty okay, but my only problem is the apparent bug regarding having to change the Gamer Photo because it's ugly as hell. I have looked online only to find nothing to help me with this issue. Please fix this. Thanks. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Bella Gal Published date: February 4, 2017

    Garbage annoying app keeps crashing and subsequently crashes my game. EFF OFF Google, stop trying to stick a finger in every pie. And stop trying to push your leftist idealogies onto the general population, what gives you the right? Stop overstepping your boundaries. The more ppl that support Microsoft Edge and alt browsers the better imo Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Aleah Barney Published date: June 1, 2017

    I'm pretty upset with this app. While it does save achievements that I've unlocked, I'm doesn't do a great job at saving the actual game. I had played at least 200 levels of a game before I had to switch phones and when I logged into it on the other device, I had to start all over. But there was an unlocked achievement for playing 100 levels so I know I had been signed in. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Vicky patel Published date: March 1, 2017

    I can't signin my account in google play games for clash of clans. I have 8 TH in clash of clans but I can't get it back.Play games told me that no internet connection but I have 4G recharge on my phone so I hope that you solve my problem and give me my village. PLEASE SIGNEDMEIN SO THAT I CAN CONTINUE CLASH OF CLANS. PLS PLS PLS Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    C. Dorian Scott Published date: December 16, 2016

    Didn't know I've had this app forever... Finally am I figuring out where my point go when I play a game... We would call them ghost points and thought they benefited a less privileged person in some way. Either way I have fun. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    John Moore Published date: February 20, 2017

    No customer service for paying customers. The idea behind buying credits is to get what you want, and avoid wait times. Get screwed over, and nobody takes responsibility for screwup on there end only point fingers. They should look out for us paying customers, and make sure were taken care of while spending money through google play. Will be deleting all things pertaining google off my phone. Not how to trat custimers Google..consider this a fail. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Luis Dmeza Published date: November 30, 2016

    This annoying This and play service always giving me problems for no reason. At some points i have to clear the data and rr download thr updates for it to work. Otherwise my games saved files wont open when i play them. Or it eont even log in. And god forbid the it wont let the play store open due to log in failures. Thats another mess entirely. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Published date: March 30, 2017

    How to skip, browse or deny a find a quest quest? Have tried removing from apps list (In store) and muting (gplay) to no effect. Would like to try A quest but all these thousand ones from ONE uninstalled game in theway.. But nice storage syncing, always smooth. Could stop asking for g+ creation on every initial sync but mostly just wishing every app in store used this more. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Jose Torres Published date: April 7, 2017

    Used to work smooth on my pixel xl now it Lags after the last update this makes the experience terrible. I had to get an older version which was 3.7.24 it did not lag with that. I am surprised there still has not been any updates on this issue Google get it together. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Abhijith Ravindran Published date: May 18, 2017

    This app is good to keep track of your gaming life with statistics including achievements​ and leaderboards. There is also a player level which shows the player r Level based on the experience earned throughout the gaming period. The stats are classified based on category of games you play. Also this is a good place to browse for games along with the Google play, with the different being in this app you can view game's leaderboard, achievements and friends who play. The only issue is this app mostly doesn't load properly. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Insta Published date: March 23, 2017

    It's kinda meh. For mobile "gamers" this is a blessing, for advanced gamers like me it's pointless. None of my good games use Play Games or support it. In the end it's just a platform to check how much cash your friends has dumped into FarmVille Clone #12641, if your friends even use Play Games at all. Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Ashton Lucas Published date: April 15, 2017

    Needs an easy way to add and find friends. At the moment so few people are connected. I like that is saves all my games but when i click add friends inside a game from facebook lots are found when i connect google I get none. Its also better on Android tv than phone, androis tv shows friends last game to a few hours while the phone app shows they haven't been online in a month..... Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Edwin Townley Published date: November 26, 2016

    Google play games Fabulous app, all. ready to start. Takes a little thinking before considering a move, quickly think twice. Brilliant graphics and scenes, awaiting hamers like ourselves. No point asking a third party because time is of essence. Get comfortable and a serious head, further adventures await. Quickly get cracking, time waits for no man. Think of a good strategy and gameplay, skill is greatly needed. Please endure a good morning and a brilliant day.😄 Full Review

  • Google Play Games
    Tracy Kozyra Published date: February 8, 2017

    I don't need two (2) Solitaire apps displayed on my gamer profile. Please remove Solitaire by developer Harpan LLC from my "Recently played" Games profile. I have uninstalled that app and do not plan to use it again. I have installed another Solitaire app and have begun playing that one. I wish there was a way to edit (select certain games) the player wishes to be shown on their page. Also, it would be cool to "follow" other players and compare our head-to head stats. There is no "follow" button (like on Google+) Please consider making this option/feature available to us. Full Review