FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

Get a free Ronaldo item and build your Ultimate Team to attack, score, and win!

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  • Current Version: 0
  • Updated: March 15, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



FIFA Mobile has been reimagined to bring you the most authentic and exciting mobile soccer game you’ll ever experience! Get a free Cristiano Ronaldo item to start building and managing your team. Train any player to superstar status, attack opponents, and keep coming back for daily content all season long. Plus, get into the game on the go with a download size of under 100 MB. Whether you’re a savvy veteran or just starting out on the pitch, FIFA Mobile is your source for soccer.

Develop the most competitive squad when you choose any 11 players from over 550 real teams, including stars from past and present, and train them to over 100 OVR. Add depth to your roster, manage your lineup on the fly, and quickly tweak tactics before every match. Make the right calls and watch your club become the Ultimate Team.

Take on thrilling matches that drop you into your offensive possessions with VS Attack mode. This innovative level of competition kicks your game into high gear while you strive to dominate 90-second matches, climb the leaderboards, and earn seasonal rewards year-round.

Stay connected to real-world soccer as it happens across the globe. Test your skills in single-player Campaign mode, then challenge yourself with uniquely themed Events where you can earn incredible prizes.

Participate in Leagues, a truly social experience that allows you to join forces and strive for glory with friends and gamers around the globe. Test your skills in inter-league championships, or take on the best gamers worldwide in League vs. League Tournaments to climb the leaderboards and prove your talent on the pitch.

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  • FIFA Soccer
    Valdio Ranggatama Published date: March 21, 2018

    EA please keep improving, i already in love playing this game until i realized that i had to spend a lot amount of money to upgrade my team and collecting great cards.. actually im not feeling good at this because i'm not a rich guy that could paid all those packs with very high price.. im saying this to represent all f2p players out there, although im not so f2p at all. i only spent a dollar to buy that eoe pass and nothing again until now. so please, give a chance for f2p player to keep playing this game with no jealousy with those high overall p2p players.. thanks Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Mr SillySpoon Published date: March 19, 2018

    Be careful on this game, its possible to spend real money and get absolutely nothing in return! For example I bought a Saint Patrick pack, 1000 gems a pack and got 10 lucky leafs, I could use the lucky to buy another pack, which I got a lucky leafs from, so I spent 10 lucky leafs got 1 lucky leaf that I couldnt use unless I brought more! Literally got nothing for my money. This is EAs way of mugging people. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Bryan Rez Published date: March 22, 2018

    Please add more sounds effect on this game, and fix the sfx that already on this app. I hope you add full match online like the other game (90 minutes) so we just not attack but defends too. Replay button must be great, and i have idea that you guys add event like "best goal of the week" or so, from that replay, we can save, and send to you, and you can choose who will win it. I think it will make people playing this game. Commentator should be great too if you add full match versus online. I love this game, please read it. Egy Maulana V plays for Lechia Gdańsk now. Add it! Add to all of your fifa games. That replay button should be great Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Sean Laurence Published date: March 20, 2018

    I just saved up all my team hero points, watched a heap of ads so I could build up stamina so I could do my best to try to get Mané in team heroes. About half way through collecting my hero rewards, the rewards pages started to go blank, and the last 25 packs I opened were empty. Is there any way to correct this? Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Anon Ymous Published date: March 17, 2018

    Another EA money grab... For what is supposed to be a top-flight football game, there is very little actual football. It is more of a card collection / gambling game where the user does football related things in order to collect cards, tokens and coins, that they can then gamble with, in order to try to get rare player cards. PvP is virtually non-existent, servers are pathetic at best, and card packs are HEAVILY weighted to force users to spend real world money in order to HOPEFULLY collect a rare player. Further, EA changes the chances of winning rare player cards and/or the necessary tokens as events unfold in order to increase user spending. The only thing actual football related thing FIFA Mobile does well is the graphics, which are indeed fantastic. Unfortunately, the gameplay is such that those excellent graphics never quite get used in a satisfying way. All in all, there are MUCH better alternatives for actual football and sport game enthusiasts. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Juan Sánchez Published date: March 17, 2018

    The game is good but it could be better. Elite players are too expensive so it's hard to upgrade team. Informs and special cards are all untradable so unless you get lucky in events you won't get a chance to play with them. The new layout is better though. Unless you have plenty of time or money don't expect to progress in this game all that quickly. Mobile games should not be as grindy as console games. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Akii Jarral Published date: March 17, 2018

    What's wrong with this game. I was playing Vs mode and was in world class level and got more then 600000 fans.and now I saw I'm in pro it could be automaticy.fix it pls what the hell is going on.i make my progress playing v hard and all gone with in movement.even I did not play and lose. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Adhyayan Agrawal Published date: March 21, 2018

    Guys I seriously recommend not to play this game. Because there is no fair play u may be an 89 over but u would be facing a guy whose over is 95. And the other time u maybe facing a 88 guy who is netting 7 goals against u which is practically not possible in 1.30 minutes. Most of the times u are playing against computer. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Shahin K Published date: March 17, 2018

    Season 1 was great, made me fell in love with the game. But now it's just a casino. You gamble with your real money and get nothing. Have to pay real money to open every new events. They destroyed the game. If you love your money, better not install this game. I am done with this... Thank god, at least now i came to my senses. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    SALLY SHOO Published date: March 23, 2018

    Waste of money. VSA system is pathetic. Can't win if you are put up against very relatively much better teams EVERY SINGLE TIME. Of all the teams I've faced (I'm at 87), 90% have been at either 91 or 92. Counterattack are the worst they ensure a difference of two goals almost all the times. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    mohammad arsalan Published date: March 19, 2018

    The new update makes it too hard to score in attack mode. Earlier I used to easily score 8 to 10 goals now I can't​ even score 5 goals. Anyone with a higher overall gets so many counter attacks . Thanks for taking away the fun. I just lose fans all the time , looks like I won't reach FIFA champion . Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Saif Ullah Published date: March 17, 2018

    I dont know why this game is turning into p2p game with time. No new icons for months, every single event is that u must pay if we want to complete that event. EA maybe earning money from p2p players by doing this but they are losing their hardworking f2p players Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    V3nis G4mer Published date: March 17, 2018

    Why do you put an event in the store and ask us to buy it with money? Our minds are rich like Europe. The Asian and African continents contain Arab countries with a limited financial level so please settle us and buy the rights to flourish in all countries. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Md Sajid Published date: March 17, 2018

    You guys are the worst lmao. This game literally got nothing for players who don't have money to spend. You khankis only understand money and can probably go down to anything to get it. Was a big time mistake wasting my time on a game like this. Do not download this. I hope your game dies. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    jabran mulla Published date: March 17, 2018

    St. Patrick's event is biggest scam. I burned through my coins for nothing. I opened 20 packs worth 10 million. Got nothing. Nothing at all. 20 Golden shamrock didn't gave me any player. Around 220 Lucky leaf and I got no player at all. 10 million coins spent and I got nothing. Very bad event. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Published date: March 20, 2018

    Can you guys please make a celebration button so that they wont all be doing the same celebration. Create signature celebrations for Ronaldo,Messi,Dybala,Griezmann, Pogba and many more players.Please make your graphics better. Can you also please add a commentator.Anyways it is a great game after all. Thank you! Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Published date: March 22, 2018

    One of the best football game i ever played in mobile. Its graphics excellent its controls excellent everything is perfect. I would like everyone to download this game.i love this game. The only thing which i hate in this game is totw. We have to wait 24hrs to play next. And getting points to is tough. But still i love this game is excellent and best Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    insan habib Published date: March 23, 2018

    Gameplay is so pathetic after the new update. Gesture is not working properly. On competing with a team with 89 overall 6 great chances are given. Whereas it's only 4 or 3 playing with a 84 overall team. Very disappointing wid this fix all this soon EA Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Yashwanth B Published date: March 22, 2018

    Being a good game with good graphics and good gameplay is not enough. How the game runs smoothly without any problems matters. This game though good it has a lot of problems like GETTING HANGED, THE GAME PROGRESS GETTING LOST EVEN IF IT IS LINKED, NOT ABLE TO PLAY EVENTS SOMETIMES AND STILL MANY MORE. SO I HAVE DECIDED TO DELETE THIS GAME AND NOT WASTE ANY MORE OF MY PRECIOUS TIME. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Published date: March 21, 2018

    This game use to be good in till the new update I keep on going up against people with a team rating of 93 and my team rating is 87. The game use to be fun before the new update to VS mode came I wouldn't recommend it cause you basically have to pay in order to win now. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    EJ Published date: March 17, 2018

    Been playing FIFA mobile for the past three years. And it just keeps getting worse. The game is nothing more than a micro transaction filled trash. You need to pay for literally everything if you want good rewards Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Shubham Jain Published date: March 20, 2018

    The gameplay is very bad..... Even ever update lead to make game more worst.... The reset of vs attack lead to so much problem.... Even i was legendary 1 and now pro 2....even i m not able to play the campain furthur Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Published date: March 16, 2018

    Addicted!! Actually think this game is so good its taking over my life!! Graphics brilliant, the players actually look like themselves, the updates are making the game play better with each one. Challenges and events keep you going back for more. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Ashok Singh Published date: March 19, 2018

    The new vsa mode is bad. I was doing well in legendary 3 division and came in pro2. I had to complete east Europe chapter and it required world class 1 divisions​.I thought I would have that easily but since this mode is there, it is impossible Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Кирилл Миронов Published date: March 18, 2018

    The most frustrating game ever. Can't never get a decent player from the packs. Scoring system is completely random. AI is either too dumb or too pro. The matchmaking so stupid too. My overall was 93 and I had an opponent with overall of 103. Like how is it even fair. I was in the pro league too Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Clement Ujjwal Published date: March 18, 2018

    Completely ruined the game with the new update. The old FIFA *mobile* is better than FIFA Soccer . Please just bring back or create a game like FIFA 15 . FIFA 15 was the best game ever of yours ( in my opinion ) . The graphics, the teams , substitutions , transfer markets , tournaments, online seasons . Try and bring back something like that . Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Jigyasa Raj Published date: March 22, 2018

    I love this game because it's graphics is Soo good and it is based on real players and it have live events but it's update is toooooooo bad because in vs attack it gives a player of 102 ovr but my ovr is only 78 and it takes real money from players and give nothing. It is too worst app that I have ever seen. Please uninstall this app. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    AAKASH MUKHERJEE Published date: March 24, 2018

    Controls and commands are worst if we make forward passes then it make backward or side passes and at the time of making goals it passes to another player and it passes to opposition player without any command or automatically. The previous and previous version was far better than this. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Anmol Parida Published date: March 16, 2018

    I was in Spain Chapter V, two steps from completing. Now that I am Pro 2 I can't play the matches, as the prerequisite is legendary 3. All the time spent playing..Wasted 😠😡 Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Sim Group 2000 Published date: March 23, 2018

    Can't open anymore after playing about a month. Why you demoted people from higher levels? It gives 10 times higher ovr team to play in vs attack mode. Please Install this boring Application Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Nishant Kashyap Published date: March 18, 2018

    The game has great potential, but the developers don't have any idea what they are doing. The game is going downhill. Icons and weekend tournament that were the most exciting parts of the game have become the worst. The game is in such a bad state that even p2p players are frustrated and don't have any reason to spend. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Tom Pollock Published date: March 19, 2018

    Game has become a casino. Impossible to win unless you soend real money which I refuse to do. Well done EA, you've lost another user! I URGE EVERYONE TO BOYCOTT THIS GAME AND UNINSTALL! Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Dr Manish Kulkarni Published date: March 24, 2018

    Game is really awesome and super addictive but I lost an account of 85 ovr. It's starting but after sometimes it always crashes. Even after loading that account in another device it still crashes. It was connected to my fb account. It would be really appreciated if you help me get that account. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Naveed Hussain Kakar Published date: March 23, 2018

    Guys this game is money looting machine, all the f*****g offer start by paying real money. If you don't pay u cannt make a good squad. U play against anyone u feel dejected. EA wants every kid on planet in love with football game to give his pocket money to them so they get rich. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Akash Srivastav Published date: March 15, 2018

    This game is very unrewarding .. its events and campaigns are designed in a very unrewarding way. You give too much and get very less in return . They have designed to make sure we go for in-game purchases.. that's why the campaign is really hard in the end . Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Jasper Nichols Published date: March 17, 2018

    The new season is great. But now it's almost impossible to move up unless you have 100 rated team The final matches on the campaigns are too hard as you can spend an hour doing the games and lose every single one. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Shotaro Published date: March 19, 2018

    Absolutely love this game and spent close to 2k dollars on it. When i went to support as around 200 dollars worth of coins was wasted because of lack of information, they wouldnt help me. Absolutely shocking Support Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    prateek singh chundawat Published date: March 22, 2018

    Today i updated the game and all I get is to start with a 40 overall team... A long ago with all my efforts I made a 90+overall team but now I have to start from the starting point.. And it's pretty disgusting for me Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    mediyes tanoukhi Published date: March 23, 2018

    Silly VSA. I beat 95 ovr and I lose against 83 ovr ??? Sure I am not going to buy the pass if I can't progress to higher classes of VSA. Also silly building mission hhhh. Sacrifying a lot of good players for only one slightly better. Every time I play it I feel frustrated not enjoying unfortunately. Full Review

  • FIFA Soccer
    Gaurav Bellani Published date: March 17, 2018

    Don't waste your time, this is not a football game, it's a football card casino game. Just download PES, you'll regret playing this rubbish. No active communication from the devs, they don't care about feedback, all they want is your money. Full Review