Dosh gets you cash for your purchases. Earn money back and travel the world!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.7.1
  • Updated: March 13, 2018
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Installs: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000



Looking for easy money? Dosh is the free cash back app that finds you $$ for shopping, dining out, and booking hotels and travel activities with more than 100,000 merchants and brands nationwide. Start getting paid for doing the things you already do.

Simply download the Dosh app, securely connect your credit and debit cards, and live life as usual. Every time you use those cards, Dosh searches for available offers or coupons that match your transactions. If it finds one, Dosh automatically redeems the offer and converts it into cold, hard cash, then deposits it directly into your Dosh wallet. You don't have to do a thing.

Dosh is also the best way to book hotels. First, plug your destination into the app to get the most competitive prices available. Then book the hotel through the app, complete your stay, and voilà — instant cash back.

With Dosh, there's no:

• Coupon clipping
• Receipt scanning
• Code entering or remembering discount codes
• Hassle

Just cash back, automatically. It's that simple.

Download the Dosh cash back app now and get paid to do the things you already do.


• Connect your cards.
Dosh uses bank-level, encrypted security to connect with your credit and debit cards.

• Shop, dine out, book a hotel
Use any one of your connected credit or debit cards to make a purchase from a Dosh merchant — or to book a hotel or travel activity through the app — and get cash back. As an extra perk — when you book hotels through Dosh — you get the most competitive prices available.

• Get cash back
All cash back from offers and hotels goes directly into your Dosh wallet.

• Use your cash
Transfer your cash into a bank account or PayPal. Or donate it to a charity right from the app.


• Cash Back, Automatically
Dosh is revolutionizing the way the world does cash back. Unlike other cash back apps, there's no need to cut coupons, scan receipts, or remember discount codes. Dosh does all the work for you. Through secure credit and debit card connection, Dosh automatically finds existing offers, redeems them, then puts the cash into your Dosh wallet.

• Get Cash Back from 100,000+ Brands & Merchants
Dosh is available at hundreds of thousands of stores, restaurants, and hotels across the country, with new offers and brands added every day.

• The Only Cash Back App with Hotels & Travel Activities Worldwide
Dosh is the best way to book hotels. When booking through the Dosh app, you get the most competitive prices available, plus guaranteed cash back. Booking hotels is the fastest way to rack up the cash. You can also get cash back on travel activities (e.g. city explorer passes, wine tours, amusement park tickets, etc.). Login to the app and checkout nearby activities.

• Refer Friends & Family
Dosh is better when shared with friends and family. That’s why we give you $5 for every person you refer. So share Dosh with everyone you know. It’s like putting cash right into their pockets.

• Refer Your Favorite Businesses
For every business you refer that signs up with Dosh and publishes an offer, you get 20% of the marketing fees they pay Dosh for two years. If they pay us $100 a month, we'll deposit $20 a month into your Dosh wallet. That's $480 for two years just for the referral. Plus, you get a commission each time a Dosh user redeems an offer from that business. Dosh loves small businesses. We help them acquire new customers, increase purchases from existing customers, and drive loyalty to keep those customers for life.

Love Dosh?

Please take a moment to review our app! Your feedback is our greatest asset—especially when that means helping more people get cash back.


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4 999 
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2 312 
1 1,040 

  • DOSH
    Andrew Calhoun Published date: March 16, 2018

    Very simple to use, can't wait for them to expand retailers. Edit: Lowering rating because their customer support seems to only respond in form letters without actually answering your questions. EDIT 2: Had to use Twitter to get a response. They said I violated terms of service but don't disclose what section or how they were violated. User beware! Full Review

  • DOSH
    john briggum Published date: March 21, 2018

    This app used to be a favorite of mine, until recently. They have added so many new users and they can not handle the influx of them. I have gone to the same merchants and received money in the past for it and now they will not pay me. I've emailed them multiple and all they say is they are working on it. If you can not handle an influx of users. Do not start a business. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Jeff Sasse Published date: March 15, 2018

    I reached over $180 in rewards. I tried to cash out, and was told I violated Terms. I read through the Terms and know I did not. They would not give any explanation and only sent generic form response 3 times. I guess I racked up too many rewards and they didn't want to pay out. They are a scam! Do not download. DISH: as indicated, I read your terms and I have not violated any of them. It does say "we can determine a mobile phone invalidated for any reason at any time" which is absolutely ridiculous. My phone is through Verizon, not a VOIP, no reason to suspend the account. You just didn't want to have to pay out! UPDATE: after a lengthy process finally was resolved and was able to transfer funds to my account. Now I'm in full swing and using the app again. 5 stars now Full Review

  • DOSH
    Eithen Pardi Published date: March 17, 2018

    I want to join but it won't let me go past where I put in my phone number. It keeps saying "please enter a U.S., non VoIP mobile phone number" I don't know what that means or what number to use other than my phone number Full Review

  • DOSH
    Sathya Narayan Published date: March 17, 2018

    App looks great but if you shop online, you won't get cash back (even after you follow proper steps). Raise a technical support ticket, it will never get resolved or no one care to update you. My two tickets raised in beginning of Jan 2018 has not yet been resolved (today March 17th) and they are still researching it seems and never care to reply to you. They don't have customer care number to talk to as well. Just having a glittering app which doesn't fully function and unresponsive customer care doesn't help Full Review

  • DOSH
    Lisha Luv Published date: March 13, 2018

    Had a problem getting my referral bonus for a friend signing up. He had to wait several days and we missed the extra money for signing up by a specific time. I could not update my account information to receive deposit. Then they said it would be up to 5 days. Ridiculous in this technology age!!! Full Review

  • DOSH
    Zachary Lastra Published date: March 16, 2018

    Simple, easy to use, free money! What's not to love, getting cash back on something I was already going to spend money on. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Shanika Ballard Published date: March 20, 2018

    I really like Dosh I got 35 dollars out of it it says 3-5 business days so we will see when they send it to my paypal account I will come back to review the app again hopefully everything will go thru n 5 days it will be Tuesday because u don't count the weekend so let's see how this goes Full Review

  • DOSH
    Julie Waters Published date: March 14, 2018

    App won't load past the start-up "page". I have money to withdraw and now the app doesn't load. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Melissa Dutcher Published date: March 15, 2018

    I didn't get credit for any of my online purchases through Wal-Mart. Dosh wanted me to do a bunch more work to prove purchases instead of looking into the flaws on their end so I removed the app Full Review

  • DOSH
    Jamila Williams Published date: March 17, 2018

    I tried adding my card. The Dosh log came up as if to load the information, a timed out message popped up. App also freezes. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Yamil Cristo Published date: March 18, 2018

    It works amazingly, get your cash back super fast when swiping the card in person, haven't tried buying online yet through the app. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Yissel Cepeda Published date: March 15, 2018

    They didn't want to give me the $15 referral so I'm deleting this app. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Darryl Smith Published date: March 20, 2018

    If the money transfer time can be sped up that would make this app great. Most people don't want to wait 3-5 days for their money Full Review

  • DOSH
    Andrea Amor Published date: March 19, 2018

    I have a question, I'm new to this app I'm bearly getting the hang of it. But my? Is how much money do you need to reach to get it transfered to your account? Full Review

  • DOSH
    KLa Kalahiki Published date: March 14, 2018

    Its a great way to save some money on things that i do regularly Full Review

  • DOSH
    Mikala Koth Published date: March 19, 2018

    Where do I get a referral link? Or do I still get a sign up bonus + added card bonuses even if I don't have a referral link? Full Review

  • DOSH
    Holly Hall Published date: March 15, 2018

    I have not got my $50 put in PayPal yet it's been days Full Review

  • DOSH
    Mboroguy4u Published date: March 16, 2018

    Booked a motel on Saturday and my money was in my account by Tuesday. $64 for the room and I got $40 back. Pretty good deal. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Jennifer Morency Published date: March 20, 2018

    I am unable to download the app Full Review

  • DOSH
    Mike McHugh Published date: March 16, 2018

    Why is it that I don't get anything when I order online from walmart? I have been using the app. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Chrystal Richardson Published date: March 14, 2018

    Pretty cool free money for shopping at my favorite stores Full Review

  • DOSH
    Meela Malik Published date: March 16, 2018

    Every time I try to link a card the app force closes. Full Review

  • DOSH
    ColorfulBud Buddah Published date: March 17, 2018

    cant add my phone num im from puerto rico Full Review

  • DOSH
    Jenna Aiello Published date: March 15, 2018

    Great way to save money on your purchases. Worked like a charm for me Full Review

  • DOSH
    Braulio Nunez Published date: March 19, 2018

    Link friends get money Full Review

  • DOSH
    Dan Matthews Published date: March 16, 2018

    So far so good who doesn't like free money. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Playa Dan Published date: March 20, 2018

    I like the app Full Review

  • DOSH
    Jamie Godeaux Published date: March 20, 2018

    Love the app, except it takes forever to load!! Full Review

  • DOSH
    Jessica B. Published date: March 15, 2018

    Great way to earn cash!! Full Review

  • DOSH
    Acquanetta Alexander Published date: March 15, 2018

    I think this is an awesome app. Full Review

  • DOSH
    Chris B Published date: March 17, 2018

    Awesome. Savings on hotels Full Review

  • DOSH
    David Ortiz Published date: March 16, 2018

    Awesome. Getting $ Full Review

  • DOSH
    Sarah Scott Published date: March 17, 2018

    very simple Full Review

  • DOSH
    Brittney Coleman Published date: March 20, 2018

    Easy and simple Full Review

  • DOSH
    precious johnson Published date: March 15, 2018

    Confusing Full Review

  • DOSH
    Gena Jones Published date: March 14, 2018

    Love it Full Review

  • DOSH
    Andrew M. Kirkham Published date: March 14, 2018

    I transferred money from my Dosh account to my PayPal account, and waited the 3-5 days. Never showed, and now there's no history of it in the app. BS. Full Review

  • DOSH
    micheal peljae Published date: March 13, 2018

    Awesome how you guys keep adding places. Keep it up! Full Review

  • DOSH
    Jennifer Reed Published date: February 23, 2018

    My sister referred me to the app, and it's a great idea. But after linking 2 cards and completing initial setup, we do not get the same offers. I have nothing and she has multiple offers. We are sitting in the same restaurant. I'm not sure if it is because we have different credit card brands? Help! I want to use your app. (Yes we both have the same phone) Full Review