Castle Defense

Castle Defense

Castle Defense: The best strategy/arcade castle defense ever!

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: 1.6.3
  • Updated: August 26, 2015
  • Requires Android: 3.0 and up
  • Installs: 10,000,000 - 50,000,000



Castle TD: The best strategy/arcade castle defense ever!

Commander, our world is in great danger which we’ve never faced! Not only orcs, but also goblins, spirits, devils and other monster are trying to destroy us! Build your defense and stop them now!

Mighty Warriors:
You can choose wizard, paladin or barbarian as your warrior and deploy them to the battlefield. With advanced equipment, they can stop or kill enemies on their own.

Fantastic Props:
There are 4 fantastic props for you. They can be good options no matter you want to destroy all enemies or just heal yourself.

Powerful Towers:
There are 4 basic towers which can be developed into 8 premier towers. Different appearance, different functions and different combinations all under your control!

Epic Graphics:
All 15 maps are hand-drawn cartoon style and perfect for high definition screen. With numerous effects, we are going to present you so many fierce war fields.

Mission Mode:
15 challenging levels, different ways of playing, gathering, protecting, attacking and more!

Arena Mode:
Compete with millions of players over the world. And thousands of runes to boost your performance.

.3 unique warriors including wizard, paladin & barbarian
.4 gorgeous props which help you turning defeat into victory
.12 powerful towers
.15 epic battlefields
.20+ monsters
.30+ achievements
.100+ challenging levels
.And more…

*** Supports all Android tablet devices. ***

App permissions
Notes: we ask READ_PHONE_STATE App Permission to get the unique ID for storing game data.

. If you can't play arena mode, open sdcard, enter castleTD, remove 'arena' directory, and try again.

. If the game crashes when loading level in hard mode:
The problem is that your phone has low memory.
We'll try to improve it, but I can't make a promise. Because the game needs to load more pictures than normal mode .

Here is another people's reply, he has the same problem before:
Yes you are completely right! Cleared some ram and I just played and beat hard 14-3 I will find a way to clear more ram on my phone! Cheers if you can get some time to reduce the memory required to play a level that would be awesome! I think I might be able to complete hard mode now!!
Thank you for your help! :-)

. Any problem, please feel free to contact us:


355,071 total
5 248,978 
4 47,963 
3 24,546 
2 11,290 
1 22,294 

  • Castle Defense
    John Morgan Published date: January 31, 2016

    Fun game Do not play this game. Was a very fun and addicting game, but they quit providing updates, and many parts of the game don't work. Also, beware, there is no way to set a username and password to save the game so you can use it on other devices, so every minute and every dollar(if you choose to) put into this game will be lost if you get a new phone or tablet. I asked the developers about this via email but they blew me off. So by all means play the game, but don't waste any money buying upgrades. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Justin Choi Published date: September 10, 2016

    Unbalanced with too many ads Challenging with many levels and upgrade option which is fabulous in. TD game. However, you have you literally have to watch an ad every single level, not to mention watching 25 second ads when they say 15s. The game is also unbeatable without cash play. I don't mind pay to play, but i do mind spending $29 to only get hosed on the next level. Developers need to balance the game play out Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    James Fredericks Published date: January 5, 2017

    Good game but non transferable Fun game but I have clawed my way up to later levels a couple of times including buying crystals and then get a new phone every couple of years like most people and have to completely start over. Should save in the cloud or be able to backup. Not interested in playing anymore just to lose it all again and again. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Published date: August 8, 2016

    Thanks for all the adds This game has so many adds that it freezes my phone. You can't even unlock all the levels either you literally have to buy them (thanks u greedy people) and well all your upgrades u do u can't even use them on certain levels .. one recommendation get rid of all the adds Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Leonardo Mario Minnis Published date: October 2, 2015

    I like it I'm giving y'all 4-stars because I haven't finished the campaign yet. Could be drawn a little more magna style cartoon for my taste but otherwise an excellent TD game. I don't mind the the ads because I under stand "free" has to be paid for somehow. I recommend to TD fans. Keep improving the product. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Michael Fain Published date: September 21, 2016

    It was fun...still is It's a fun game and excellent time waster, but the only way to progress is with crystals. The only realistic way to get those is to watch ad after ad after ad after ad after ad. And even then, it's slow progressing. Not to mention the challenges don't work "network error"? Huh? Will be uninstalling. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Geko Published date: September 4, 2015

    Ads everywhere Want to give us the option to pay to stop the ads? Seriously you can't do anything without watching ads. This is a good game but this is also a perfect example or a free game going overboard with ads. Stay away from this game until it changes. You also won't be getting one penny until thus has changed Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Kalin Rozthan Published date: July 15, 2017

    This game is aweful. You need the gems for literally everything, upgrades, warriors to block enemies just everything. I lost a few levels because i didnt wanna spend money. You can earn free gema on occasion but you dont get much. For sure pay to win. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Me Notyou Published date: February 9, 2017

    Good game, but despite many ads, forces a payment to keep advancing. All for paying to play a game I like but this can take many forms, in this case the game collects payments via ads, but they blatantly insist on a cash payment on mission mode, level 6 to keep on playing. Even though they collect a great deal via ads. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Steve Harris Published date: September 5, 2015

    Great game but please fix bug Fantastic game, well thought out and very addictive. I've come across a problem though whereby when I try to upgrade the warrior class ( either HP or attack) it says upgrade failed and takes the crystals from me even though no upgrade happened. Please fix , thx Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    JM Barnerias Published date: March 1, 2016

    Good game... BUT horrible ads and need to pay all the time The game is great, attractive and everything but completely full of ads everywhere, all time and the worse is when you do mission. Most of missions you NEED to pay to go futher which is very disappointing.... good game but good strategy to make maximum of money.... nothing else Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Colin Wright Published date: March 5, 2016

    Add kit hell Add kit hell adds poping up all over the place and you don't seem to be able to exit the app normal. Also neither the best thought out or most fun tower defence game I've played dozens better. Take my advice find something better. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Raniel Louise Salvador Published date: November 6, 2017

    I loved the game so much however, once I reached Hard mode the game consistently stop and suddenly disappear without saving the game. I can't even connect to google play games for me to recover the data and records upon doing basic app troubleshooting. Total dissappointment. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Thane K Published date: February 14, 2017

    please, run away. i even decided to spend money on one of the promotional 'perform this action to get gems' system in this poor, buggy, ad-riddled game, and was supposed to get the equivalent of approximately $40 worth of gems. that was many months ago, and support hasn't responded to any of my messages about it Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Nagarajan Sundararajan Published date: March 12, 2016

    Points gets debited without upgrading soldiers gadgets In these game some mandatory upgrades needs to be done before upgrading the soldier gadgets. Incase if the user doesn't meet those eligibility for upgrading soldier armor, .., then points gets debited and getting message as failed to upgrade. What a stupid app. This needs to be fix Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Nicola Matthews Published date: September 2, 2016

    Good game. Refuse to pay Great game, I have completed normal and hard mode without buying anything. I understand why there are so many ads......but when in mission mode you expect me to pay afer you have earnt loads from the ads. Guys...remove the extra payments from mission mode please. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    abe contreras Published date: November 15, 2016

    Fail upgrades I loved this game however I spends over 6 hours earing enough to upgrade my troops and it fails to upgrade. It takes the diamends or gems requiere to upgrade but it wont upgrade. According to the game you must spend gems or diamonds to upgrade the success of upgrading. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Kevin Harper Published date: October 29, 2016

    Do not install The challenges are broken, says"network error" then kicks you out. No where to save game either. Otherwise it's a great game. It looks like the developers have completely abandoned the game. Not sure why as I don't think the fixes would be that difficult. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Joshua Hardison Published date: January 31, 2018

    It used to have a working challenge/ PvP area, but that was before the watch ads for gems came into play. Can we revert it back to that or at least fix the PvP mode please? Thanks for reading this please have a good day Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Hugh Heggen Published date: July 31, 2016

    This is just a bad version of kingdom rush. Seriously just take kingdom rush and make poorer choices in everything from animation and art style to adds and user interface and you get this game. I don't know how this game has more downloads or such a high rating Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Pr0we Published date: May 19, 2016

    This is my #1 game for Android I'm not one of those people who drop a star because of something they don't like. I love the mechanics, the grind, but I did a paid offer recently, only $5 sportsbet offer. But it was for 48k crystal. I received a notification but not the prize! Super disappointed towards the missing points but nonetheless, 5 star game. Ads are inevitable, just disagree with click bait. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Paul Carver Published date: June 2, 2016

    Freeze up prone I love this game it's a really cool strategy game that was almost the best one I had played (that's not saying much but for me I loved it) now it freezes up almost every level and you lose the progress you were making which brought my1 star rating if you can fix this then you'll have 5 stars from me all the way. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Orion Wilson Published date: December 25, 2016

    Mostly great. Only 2 problems: 1) you seem to have stopped doing anything with this app, which I love, 2) I tried going for "free" crystals, but not only did the videos for free crystals disappear, but also when I completed app tasks and came back into your game,I got NO CRYSTALS. Please , fix this bug. Thanks. :) Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Gregory Robb Published date: December 27, 2015

    Can't stand it You spend more time closing ads and trying to earn extra gems (to make the game playable) by watching even more ads than actually playing the game. The game play is embarrassingly dull, to boot. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Monica Demorest Published date: January 30, 2016

    Castle defense I love this game, but...... I can hardly ever get into the global rank, or challenge. Also I paid for the higher levels in mission, but had to download again, because my grandson uninstalled the game. It came down as a new game. I can't find any way to contact customer service! I hope customer service looks at these comments, I am afraid if I try to download again, I will loss everything again ;-( Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Owlen Oot Published date: November 2, 2015

    Its Free. Its a free game. We are not entitled to free anything. People complain Because developers are trying to make a living. Phone companies arent making games. Most games are developed by small teams with limited resources. And it takes months to a few years to make a halfway decent game. Coding game logic. Creating graphics. Coding graphics. Creating sounds...coding sounds. Debuggings...logic checks. The novelty games that cost 60$ took over 300 people, $100,000's of moolah and a few years to make. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Kat Gregory Published date: September 28, 2015

    $3 to unlock one level I have been playing this game for a couple months. It wasn't the best game but I started it and wanted to finish it. I watched all the ads so that I was supporting the creator but I didn't want to keep throwing money at it. I put in my time to play and play and get crystals. Then suddenly a few levels from the end I have to pay $2.99 to unlock one level. I don't mind paid games and I don't mind ad supported games. But paying for one level what the game as a whole is, maybe, worth. No way. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Michael Bancroft Published date: October 30, 2017

    Infuriating. Fun to play... BUT every time I have to do a factory reset on my phone, or buy a new phone, my progress disappears. I ask the devs to return the achievements I have purchased/earned and they have yet to respond. This has happened more times than I care to admit. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    VitalVirus Published date: May 6, 2017

    The game is great! I have a glitch in my game, I have unlocked the area in my game and I go into it but cannot select either of the options it give me. It's says 'network error, try again another time' Now I have tried over and over on multiple different networks and nothing have changed can you fix this? Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    dorchelle norman Published date: September 30, 2016

    I wanted to give this a good review ... But it keeps freezing randomly mid game play so I lose all progress on that round and am forced to start over. Other than that, the game itself when working correctly is a lot of fun. It's much more challenging than any other tower defense games I've tried previously which to me is really fun. The upgrade system demands to be utilized or you won't get very far. The graphics are good and while it seems slightly unbalanced, especially the first boss, overall the gameplay is fun. unfortunately freezes. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Pango ang Ilong mo. Published date: August 29, 2017

    At first it was great and fun, But after 1 week of playing, nah! They wanted you to purchase something here just get strong in this f**k!n6 game. Trust me Im unstalling it right now. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Gregory Igusa Published date: December 24, 2015

    Uninspired pay-to-play The gameplay is basically simplified Kingdom Rush. And the game farms you hard for ad-watching or downloading sponsor apps if you want to get past the first 6 or 7 levels Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Barry Strausser Published date: December 7, 2016

    Areana is broken Can only play 1st challenge in arena, other challenges cause the game to restart. Otherwise its fun and challenging. Galaxy Note 5 Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Matt Ryan Published date: February 15, 2017

    I loved this game at first, I even threw some cash at it up until they started putting the towers so close together and the big guys come out. They make you tap on the tower after the big guy hits them but when they're close together you end up deleting your towers cause you're trying to tap them so fast. You need to figure out a way to fix that because that's bullshit after you end up building your towers all the way up and you have 100 enemies on the screen. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Gordon Simmons Published date: January 8, 2016

    Excellent counterproductive design Wanted to like the game... Game builds in a fun and challenging manner until the "tap 3 times to unfreeze" towers aspect is introduced. Poor design of mechanic causes accidental selling of towers way to often to overlook. No TD, I have played to date, has executed this game mechanic well. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Robert Potts Published date: February 9, 2016

    Used to be my favorite game.Now it is overran with ads.They never stop.Ruins gameplay. I suggest if you must employ ads.Put them all in at the beginning before we play. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Tim Noack Published date: August 18, 2016

    Lost my data Put about 8 hours in. Enjoyed the gameplay, but agree that there are a lot of ads. Rebooted my phone after a few days, and the game lost my profile. So all the progress I made was gone. Uninstalling. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Steven Worley Published date: August 27, 2015

    Don't waste your time Maleware Maleware Maleware! Your phone will get infected and ruin your phone. STAY AWAY!!! I've never had a game crash on me or have as many bugs as this game does. There are way better defensive games than this. Check out Ironhide Studio's for the best game that actually works. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Creamy Goodness Published date: September 10, 2016

    Great game So far so good. I loved Kingdom Rush (free) and this game is similar. No ads for me because I use AdAway. My only issue so far is that it is too easy to sell towers accidentally when tapping them vs a boss. Very frustrating. Also....the game saves a lot of random pictures into your gallery for some stupid reason. Full Review

  • Castle Defense
    Gal Capone Published date: April 29, 2016

    Fun to a point Its fun on the normal levels. Can't earn enough gems to enjoy the hard & challenge levels...they're just too difficult without spending real money on gems to power up. I'll uninstall it once I'm bored of replaying the normal levels. Full Review