Amazon Shopping

Amazon Shopping

Browse, search & buy millions of products right from your Android device.

Additional Informations
  • Current Version: Varies with device
  • Updated: June 21, 2017
  • Requires Android: Varies with device
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Product Features

* Customers are able to shop millions of products on any of Amazon's sites around the world from a single app
* Quickly search, get product details, and read reviews on millions of products from Amazon and other merchants
* Take advantage of 1-Click ordering, customer support, Wish Lists, create or find a baby or wedding registry, order tracking, and more
* Scan product barcodes and images to compare prices and check availability using Scan It
* Check out Gold Box Deals - including the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, and get automatically notified when new deals become available
* Send and share links to products via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more
* Sign-up for automatic shipment notifications to know when your order ships and arrives
* Buy with confidence, knowing that all transactions are securely processed
* Use your voice to search for products on Amazon or to track your orders and reorder items. Tap the microphone icon and say “track order” or “track my last order” to access open orders. Reorder products by saying “reorder paper towels” or “buy more batteries”.

Product Description

The Amazon Shopping app lets you shop millions of products and manage your Amazon orders from anywhere. Browse, shop by department, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, and check the status of your orders.
Compare prices and availability by typing in your search, scanning a barcode or an image with your camera, or using your voice. Never miss a deal with easy access to Lightning Deals and the Deal of the Day. You can also sign-up for shipment notifications to know when your order ships and arrives. You have full access to your Shopping Cart, Wish Lists, payment and Prime shipping options, Subscribe & Save order history, and 1-Click settings, just like on the full site. All Amazon Shopping app purchases are routed through Amazon's secure servers to encrypt and safeguard your personal information.

Important Note Regarding Permissions

Please note that the Amazon Shopping app requires access to the following services to operate properly:
* Contacts: This permission is used to so that you can access your phone contacts from the Amazon app for the purposes of sending Amazon gift cards and inviting friends to use the Amazon app.
* SMS: This permission is used to simplify the process of phone number verification when creating an Amazon account registered to your mobile phone number.
* Camera: This permission is for Scan It, a new way to search for items quickly by scanning them with your camera.
* Flashlight: This permission is used to turn on the flash when using Scan It in low light conditions.
* Microphone: This permissions is used to support Voice Search and Voice Shopping Assistant features.
* Location: Location permissions are used to assist customers in searching for Amazon Lockers near their current location.
* Account: This permission is used for integration with Facebook and other social networks you have connected to your device to allow you to share products with friends and family.
* Phone: This permission is used to pre-populate and dial the Amazon Customer Service number.
* Storage: This permission is required to support notifications in China.
* Wifi: This permissions is used when setting up either a Dash Button or Dash Wand using the Amazon Shopping app.

OS Requirements: Requires Android OS 4.1or higher and a rear-facing camera. The Amazon App for Tablets is available on Google Play. Search for "Amazon Tablet" to install the app and begin shopping.


712,808 total
5 461,013 
4 129,552 
3 49,782 
2 20,712 
1 51,749 

  • Amazon Shopping
    Kyle Gillen Published date: June 25, 2017

    Something happened with a recent update. Almost every item I try to view just comes back with a generic error that the page is broxen and they are "fixing it" It's like they want me back in a brick and mortar store! It's impossible to browse for items right now. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Dan Hammond Published date: June 24, 2017

    This app let's me buy things on Amazon, but the UX and UI of the app is terrible. Amazon needs to get with the current Android standards. It can be a pain to use most of the time. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Travis Rose Published date: June 24, 2017

    Amazon is beginning to grow to large and their customer service cannot keep up. If you do have to interact with their customer service regarding an issue then you'll have to jump through hoops after hoop to just get told that you have to do another set of hoops. It's almost as if they make it difficult so the customer just says, "screw it. It's not worth the run around." Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Guilherme Monteiro Published date: June 22, 2017

    Like other users here, I can't sign in with my Moto G5. The app keeps asking me to check my Internet connection, though there's nothing wrong with it. You can't do anything beyond browsing the store. Amazon has updated the app 5 times since I first had this issue, but still hasn't fixed it. Useless. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Sarah Wayne Published date: June 23, 2017

    The New 12.2 update makes the size and description selection on items via Android next to impossible to select and order. UPDATE FAIL. Before this update I would have rated MUCH higher. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Scott Hensley Published date: June 24, 2017

    Loads item page then throws errors all the time. Giving up on the app. Nothing worse then seeing what you want to order and not being able to without waiting until you have access to computer. The mobile site is the same. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    PATRICK WHITAKER Published date: June 24, 2017

    Amazon continuously outdoes itself. Also they ALWAYS surpass my expectations of their product selection, pricing and service to their clients. Keep up the AWESOME ways of doing business. A special hi to Bella in Phillipines Customer Service and Thank you Bella Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Jordan Cole Published date: June 23, 2017

    So this app is useful for everything accept getting a review on the product your actually looking at. If an item has different styles with different performance's (i.e. computer parts) all of the reviews are just jumbled together. I have no idea if the bad review is for the item I want or one of the other sub-items of my item. Please fix! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: June 25, 2017

    What the hell with the application, I'm not able to open the application after the new version... Just blinking the screen for some times... You should take care about the upgrading!! Device :- One Plus (7.0) Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Toni Wallace Published date: June 22, 2017

    This is literally my second time EVER in life writing a review. Not that it even really matters but I just had the worst experience/ customer service experience ever. I have had Amazon for months now and use it quite frequently but this was enough to literally make cancel my membership!!!! Don't leave your payment methods on file!!!!! Glitch my ass!!! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Briana Shackley Published date: June 22, 2017

    It forever says "there is something wrong we are working on it" and gives me the option of going to Amazon home. Every. Single. Item. Does. This. I cannot actually put anything on my cart or click on am item to buy. This has been MONTHS. Jesus Amazon you can buy Whole Foods but you can't make a working app. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Seraph Im Published date: June 25, 2017

    This app needs to support tre Amazon Smile program to automatically donate to my favorite charity, like it would when I use a website to order from. I won't be using this app until that's available. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Lanette Richardson Published date: June 22, 2017

    The app won't let me search sometimes a message will pop up telling me they are working on it. But then 5 minutes later it is working it is insistent and annoying, I find I use the website instead of the app. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    KS Crosby Published date: June 21, 2017

    This app works great on my Samsung Galaxy S7. It is very fast and responsive. I can also shut it down using the device management in the phone settings, and it doesn't start up on its own. In my experience, if Amazon has it, you can find it with the app. I am a Prime member, so I may be biased, but it is a great app. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Otacon Emmerich Published date: June 25, 2017

    The app won't let me login, so I will not be using this app. Maybe I'll check back in a few months to see if the bug has been fixed. Check Internet connection error. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    ashley 9615 Published date: June 22, 2017


  • Amazon Shopping
    Lanisha Wetherington Published date: June 22, 2017

    I have been an amazon Prime member for 3+ years. I love it! It has changed my shopping habits it's quick easy and shows up 2 days layer almost all the time. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Christian McKenzie Published date: June 26, 2017

    App has suddenly stopped working on my S6. Really irritating as previously never had a problem. I use the app daily so it's a big inconvenience Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    New2017MoVlogsGaming &Vlogging Published date: June 24, 2017

    Cool I Buy a Bluetooth Speaker Fidget Spinner! But Is Not Coming To Pay And Buy It Only You Have To Look Cool Stuffs In Stores Come That Not Cool Already I Signed Up. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Jason Palaszewski Published date: June 20, 2017

    It's a little slow and parts of it feel like they are non-native. Also there's some gross Android 2.2 loading circle animations still hanging around. But still, it's pretty well organized. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Published date: June 22, 2017

    Why doesn't the app design and colors match up with the website and their other apps. The app I have doesn't match the design of the one in the photos. I don't like the shade of blue in the app. I like the dark colored design that's used on the Amazon website. This is what they call "consistent design", Amazon. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    James Adair Published date: June 23, 2017

    Seriously awful. Constantly causes minutes-long pauses while the app tries to figure out what to do next. Chrome browser is vastly superior to this POS. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Jackson Mergler Published date: June 26, 2017

    Pantry items are an absolute scam - makes me pay $5.99 for shipping items even though I already pay for prime. GARBAGE Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Brian Caskey Published date: June 25, 2017

    Let us hit the ORDER button BEFORE images load for product. Sometimes I just need to zip in the app order stuff and leave. I can't order anything until the product images load. Very fustrating. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Ly Kwon Published date: June 25, 2017

    App keeps on a CRASHING! I can't even get the homepage to load without it automatically crashing! ANNOYING! NEED UPDATE TO FIX! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Bipin Ghimire Published date: June 25, 2017

    Everything else is good but the only thing i don't like is that it pulls all those unnecessary items whenever i filter from price low to high .. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    lesliecallahan callahan Published date: June 23, 2017

    Never works. Keeps going to a white screen saying ..return to Amazon home. I love Amazon but never shop on it anymore because of this Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Terrence Adams Published date: June 22, 2017

    On pretty sure u have to pay extra for same day delivery. But other then that my wife loves it but my wallet hates it ;) Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Corl_XDT_Cr506 Published date: June 22, 2017

    This thing sucks ass because it cancelled my $76 order and $76 is expensive you know. This ruined my day!😡😭 Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Ines Susak Published date: June 26, 2017

    Thank you for finally providing English language option on my life is so much easier now. 😂😂 here are 5 stars from me. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Sharon Hill Published date: June 26, 2017

    I really love Amazon shopping. Great products from all over. When I can't find it anywhere else, I can always find it here and the shipping is super fast too. Simply love it!!!!! Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Gerson g. Published date: June 21, 2017

    So this isn't a complaint for this app in particular but just for the amazon apps in general. I already had an amazon shopping app that came on my phone. But then whenever I use the site, it leads me to this app which I downloaded but it did not replace the other app which I can't remove since it's a stock app. I also have the prime now app. It's annoying to have three separate apps taking up space on my phone when they almost do the exact same thing. The apps themselves have no problems and work great, it just annoys me how much a waste of phone space these amazon apps are Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    kolijk ksodfgo Published date: June 25, 2017

    Flash video ads. Playing without my permission. Actually it's the way how Amazon steal your money by sucking megabytes Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Tanesha Dowlat Published date: June 24, 2017

    Good app. Lately been having trouble searching items. The search screen doesnt load on my app. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Michael Beasley Published date: June 24, 2017

    App has worked well until the latest update. Now when I type in what I want to look for and search, nothing happens. For now the app is useless since I cannot search for anything Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Kaitlyn Cunningham Published date: June 23, 2017

    Why can't I share item links anymore? I've scrolled up and down the listing page several times without finding any share link. Where did it go? Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Kat Brunelle Published date: June 25, 2017

    Ever since Amazon did it's updates it rarely works. Phone and pad only work about 20% of the time. Have to get on lap or desk top to use. It really sucks how unpendable this app his become. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Shawty Sweety Published date: June 24, 2017

    PLEASE FIX!!! No matter what I search it doesn't work/load, it just stays on a white screen Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Travis Crooks Published date: June 22, 2017

    This app updated 2 days ago and now the performance is terrible. Search is barely functioning. Full Review

  • Amazon Shopping
    Andrius Published date: June 26, 2017

    GREAT!! I always order with my computer, but now I can do it with my phone. This makes it a lot easier Full Review